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In this report, unless stated otherwise, the Programme means the applied research programme proposed and is explained in Chapter 1.

Names used for types of fuel in English and French are as follows (the words petrol and petroleum are avoided because they can cause confusion in Francophone contexts):

Name used in this report Gasoline Kerosene Diesel
Other names in English Petrol Paraffin Gas oil
Names in French Essence Pétrole

French and English names of some water-lifting technologies

Suction pump Pompe aspirante
Pressure pump Pompe refoulante
Centrifugal pump Pompe centrifuge
Axial pump Pompe axiale
Jet pump, venturi pump, ejector pump Pompe à hydro-éjecteur
Self-priming pump Pompe auto-amorçante
Motorized pump, engine-driven pump or pumpset Motopompe
Treadle pump Pompe à pédales
Rope and washer pump Chaîne à augets, pompe à (corde et) rondelles
Carousel (animal turning in a circle) Manège
Hydraulic ram pump (hydram) Bélier hydraulique
Wind energy Énergie éolienne

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