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The FAO's Japan-funded Project on the "Management of tuna fishing capacity: conservation and socio-economics" has been formulated by FAO with the objective of improving the management of tuna fisheries on a global scale. Its immediate objectives are to provide technical information necessary for the management of tuna fishing capacity and to identify and resolve the technical problems associated with that management on a global scale, taking into account conservation and socio-economic issues.

This publication presents results of the studies carried out by the Project that were proposed by the Project and considered by its Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) at its first meeting (Rome, Italy, 14-16 April 2003) as being of highest priority. Earlier versions of papers on these studies were presented to the second meeting of the TAC (Madrid, Spain, 15-18 March 2004), where they were critically discussed. These papers were subsequently peer reviewed, revised and edited.

The studies presented in this publication are on the tuna fisheries and resources, the characterization and estimation of fishing capacity, the tuna fishing industry and the management of tuna-fishing capacity. Their results are summarized in the "Overview" of this publication, and detailed information on them is presented in the following four sections associated with these subjects.

The first section describes, on the global scale:

The second section includes three papers on fishing capacity of industrial tuna purse seiners and longliners and on the importance of non-industrial tuna fisheries.

The third section consists of one paper that qualitatively and quantitatively assesses the influence of the tuna market (e.g. prices and imports) on tuna catches.

The fourth section includes two papers that analyse past developments and future options for the management of fishing capacities of the purse-seine and longline fleets.

Bayliff, W.H.; Leiva Moreno, J.I. de; Majkowski, J. (eds.)
Second Meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee of the FAO Project
"Management of Tuna Fishing Capacity: Conservation and Socio-economics". Madrid, Spain, 15-18 March 2004.
FAO Fisheries Proceedings. No. 2. Rome, FAO. 2005. 336p.

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