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The Government of Japan has kindly financed the FAO Project "Management of tuna fishing capacity: conservation and socio-economics". Its implementation was made possible through the collaboration of the following tuna fishery bodies and other institutions:

We are grateful to these institutions and their scientists for their significant contributions.

In particular, the editors of this publication express their gratitude to the members of the Technical Advisory Committee, i.e. Robin Allen (IATTC), Alejandro Anganuzzi (IOTC), John Annala (Ministry of Fisheries, New Zealand), John Hampton (SPC), James Joseph (Consultant), Victor Restrepo (ICCAT), Peter Miyake (OPRT), Julio Morón (WTPO), Chris Reid (FFA), Suba Subasinghe (INFOFISH) and Ziro Suzuki (NRIFSF) for their cooperation, advice and commitment during the implementation of the Project.

Also, we greatly appreciate the assistance received from the FAO internal Task Force during the implementation of the Project. This Task Force was made up of the following FAO staff members: Adele Crispoldi, Helga Josupeit, Rebecca Metzner, Joël Prado, Andrew Smith and Ulf Wijkström.

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