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Annex 1

Monday, 15 March 2004

1. Opening

2. Introduction of Participants

3. Adoption of the Provisional Agenda

4. Logistic Arrangements for the Meeting

5. Report of the Meeting and a Statement of TAC: Content and Arrangements

6. Overview of the Project Implementation (Jacek Majkowski)

7. Project's Studies: Progress and Results

7.1. A1: Tuna Fisheries and Resources

7.2. A2: Characterization and Estimation of Tuna Fishing Capacity

Tuesday, March 16 2004

7.3. A3/4: Tuna Fishing Industry

7.4. A5: Tuna Fishing Capacity Management Options and Implications

8. Reports on External Activities of Relevance to the Project (all participants)

9. Review of the First draft of the Statement by TAC without the Recommendations Section

Wednesday, 17 March 2004

10. Future Research

11. The Project's Future Meetings (of TAC and/or the Expert Consultation on the Management of Tuna Fishing Capacity)

12. Funds and Logistic Arrangements for the Project's Future Activities

13. Recommendations

14. Other matters

15. Review of the Second draft of the Statement by TAC

Thursday, 18 March 2004

16. Adoption of the Statement by TAC

17. Adoption of the Report

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