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Geographical location of farmers is one of the factors under consideration when strategies for client-oriented agricultural extension approaches are being outlined. A large number of men and women are engaged in farming in thousands of small, medium and large islands, and they need extension advice according to their unique situation. FAO has conducted several studies to identify extension and training needs of farmers living in different geographical locations such as mountains, desert and small islands.

This publication is based on a study that was conducted in the island country Samoa, located in the Pacific Ocean. We hope this will help in understanding the general agricultural situation in small islands, and how extension services are trying to meet the extension needs of farmers. One of the annexes to the publication is the questionnaire that was used in collecting necessary information for the study, and may be useful in conducting similar studies in other island countries, albeit with necessary modification in line with specific situation.

Ester Zulberti
Extension, Education and Communication Service
FAO headquarters, Rome

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