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Fire management: review of international cooperation was prepared in unison with Fire management: global assessment 2006 and the voluntary guidelines for fire management over a two-year, multistakeholder process.

Although the task was coordinated by FAO, Johann G. Goldammer of the Global Fire Monitoring Center, Freiburg, Germany, was the author.

FAO wishes to particularly acknowledge the support of the Global Fire Monitoring Center and the UN-ISDR Global Wildland Fire Network, which committed their time and resources to the formulation process.

We also wish to thank Denny Truesdale, U.S. Forest Service, for reviewing the document; Lynn Ball for editing and layout; Johann G. Goldammer, Global Fire Monitoring Center, and Alan Thompson, New Zealand National Rural Fire Authority, New Zealand, for the cover photos; Roberto Cenciarelli for cover preparation and Graciela Andrade for administrative support.

To the wider group of persons and organizations that contributed to this working paper, we express our grateful thanks.

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