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Annex 6: Publications available on fire management

Fire Management Working Papers: Thematic Paper series

Note: In code “Working Paper FFM/xx”, “x” indicates the WP series number and a suffix E, F or S indicates: E = English, F = French, S = Spanish, in case of multilingual papers. No suffix indicates E only.

Available at the Fire Management Web site:

Working Paper FPF/1E

Guidelines on Fire Management in Temperate and Boreal Forests. November 2002.

Working Paper FM/2E

International Wildland Fire Management Agreements Template. Tom Frey, Ricardo Vélez Muñoz. January 2004.

Working Paper FM/3E

Legal Frameworks for Forest Fire Management: International Agreements and National Legislation. Fernando Fernández Arriaga, Frédéric St-Martin, Tom Frey, Ricardo Vélez Muñoz. March 2004.

Working Paper FM/4E

Community-Based Fire Management in Spain. Ricardo Vélez Muñoz. April 2005.

Working Paper FM/5E

Report on Fires in the South American Region. María Isabel Manta Nolasco. March 2006.

Working Paper FM/6E

Report on Fires in the North East Asian Region. Leonid Kondrashov. March 2006.

Working Paper FM/7E

Report on Fires in the Baltic Region and adjacent countries. Ilkka Vanha-Majamaa. March 2006.

Working Paper FM/8E

Report on Fires in the Mediterranean Region. A.P. Dimitrakopoulos and I.D. Mitsopoulos. March 2006.

Working Paper FM/9E

Report on Fires in the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Region. Alexander Held. March 2006.

Working Paper FM/10E

Report on Fires in the South East Asian Region. B.J. Shields, R.W. Smith and D. Ganz. March 2006.

Working Paper FM/11E

Report on Fires in the Balkan Region. N. Nikolov. March 2006.

Working Paper FM/12E

Report on Fires in the Caribbean and Mesoamerican Regions. A.M.J. Robbins. March 2006.

Working Paper FM/13E

Report on Fires in the Australasian Region. P.F. Moore. March 2006.

Working Paper FM/14E

Report on Fires in the South Asian Region. A.M. Benndorf and J.G. Goldammer. March 2006.

Working Paper FM/15E

Report on Fires in the North American Region. R. Martínez, B.J. Stocks and D. Truesdale. March 2006.

Working Paper FM/16E

Report on Fires in the Central Asian Region and adjacent countries. Johann G. Goldammer. March 2006.

Working Paper FM/17E

Fire Management: Principles and Strategic Actions. Voluntary Guidelines for Fire Management. Forest Resources Development Service. December, 2006

Working Paper FM/18E

Fire Management: Review of International Cooperation. Forest Resources Development Service. December 2006.

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