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List of papers available on CD-ROM


How we would advise a farmer to use conservation-agriculture (CA) cropping - the principles of CA discussed

John E. Morrison, Jr, John Morrison

Causes and consequences of soil moisture scarcity - addressing the principles to control the outcomes

Raul Ponce-Hernandez

No till in rainfed agriculture in Western Africa - perspectives and challenges

Bruno Rapidel

Factors affecting soil moisture availability on Sudano-Sahelian coversands

Roelf L. Voortman

Understanding the process of soil erosion and water infiltration

Rolf Derpsch

Use of compost as an alternative to synthetic fertilizers for crop production and agricultural sustainability for the island of Guam

M.H. Golabi, M.J. Denney and C. Iyekar

The evolution of soil structural repair under zero till, controlled traffic, permanent-bed farming

A.D. McHugh, J.N. Tullberg and D.M. Freebairn

Rainfall effects on rainfed crop yields and water use

X.B. Wang and D.X Cai, U.D. Perdok and W.B. Hoogmoed and O. Oenema


Inappropriate narrow technological-based approach on soil moisture management for the poor farmers in Sahel

Michel Ferry

Vegetable production using raised permanent beds

Fintan Scanlan

Think like a root. Land husbandry and the conservation of water and soil: a précis

T.F. Shaxson

No till can improve soil functioning and water economy

Roberto A Peiretti

Conservation farming - a strategy for improved agricultural and water productivity among smallholder farmers in drought-prone environments

J. Rockström and K. Steiner

Improving rainwater productivity in the north of the United Republic of Tanzania

Kurt G. Steiner and Wilfred Mariki

Think like a root: the land husbandry context for the conservation of water and soil

T.F. Shaxson

An ecological background to concepts of land husbandry

R.G. Downes

Principles of good land husbandry: achieving conservation of land's productive potentials

T.F. Shaxson, M. G. Douglas and R. G. Downes

Wind erosion and its impact on soil carbon and moisture scarcity

X.B. Wang and D.X Cai, O. Oenema, U.D. Perdok and W.B. Hoogmoed


Managing the water balance - how farmers determine green and blue water flows in the Save Basin in Zimbabwe

Sjef Kauffman and Godert van Lynden

Situation of drought in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hamid Custovic and Enes Alagic


Adequate tools and technologies to support soil moisture management

B.A. Stewart

Models of conservation agriculture - conclusions and implications

Roelf L. Voortman

Environmental conditions, the need to understand operating mechanisms and the possible role of mycorrhizae

Roelf L. Voortman

The simple and low-cost method for soil moisture monitoring

Mihovil Vlahinic and Hamid Custovic


Soil moisture conservation under conservation agriculture

Julian Dumanski and Roberto Peiretti

Indigenous technology - a basis for soil and water conservation research

Surinder S. Kukal

Problems associated with the adoption of rainwater harvesting technology for increased agricultural production in southwest Nigeria

David A. Okunade and Kenneth O. Adekalu

Nutrients, water and conditions for technology adoption in West Africa

Roelf L. Voortman

Food security and economic development in sub-Saharan Africa: investment in soils or in irrigation?

Henk Breman, Marco Wopereis, Arno Maatman, Debbie Hellums, Norman Chien and Walter Bowen

African soils step-motherly served by nature, governments and donors (strategies to improve fertilizer use efficiency in West Africa)

Henk Breman, Arno Maatman and Marco Wopereis

International certification standards for no till / zero till - a framework for discussion

Richard L. Wittman

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  • Adobe Acrobat® Reader (included on CD-ROM)

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