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Part One: World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2010

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Importance of the census of agriculture

Chapter 3 - Methodological considerations

Chapter 4 - List of items for the census of agriculture

Chapter 5 - Community-level data

Chapter 6 - Relationship of the census of agriculture to the population census and other censuses

Chapter 7 - Combining the census of agriculture with the aquacultural census

Chapter 8 - Collecting additional agricultural data for households that are not agricultural producers

Chapter 9 - Programme of agricultural surveys

Chapter 10 - Sampling frames for agricultural censuses and surveys

Part Two: Agricultural Census Items - Concepts, Definitions and Tabulations

Chapter 11 - Concepts and definitions of agricultural census items

Chapter 12 - Agricultural census tabulation programme


Appendix 1 - The agricultural census within the framework of the System of National Accounts

Appendix 2 - International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (ISIC): scope of the agricultural census

Appendix 3 - Classification of crops

Appendix 4 - Alphabetical list of crops with botanical name and crop code

Appendix 5 - Classification of livestock

Appendix 6 - Classification of machinery and equipment

Glossary of terms


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