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6. The Agenda for the Workshop is attached in Appendix A and the list of documents distributed at the Workshop is attached in Appendix C.

7. Ms Masio Nidung and Ms Pamela Maru were appointed as Workshop Representatives. It was noted that the role of the Representatives was to provide some general observations about the Workshop and to propose possible follow-up actions. Participants were encouraged to provide observations to the Representatives so that these comments could be included in the plenary statement that would be made by them in the closing session of the Workshop.

8. Mr Doulman provided an overview of the timetable for the Workshop and the technical issues to be addressed. He stated that the objective of the Workshop was to develop and strengthen national capacity so that countries would be better placed to elaborate their national plans of action to prevent and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (NPOAs-IUU), in accordance with the provision of the IPOA-IUU. Mr Doulman underscored the importance of the NPOAs-IUU as primary tools for countries to take steps to implement the IPOA-IUU. He noted that countries should have elaborated their NPOAs-IUU by June 2004. However, based on information available to FAO, fewer then 20 countries had elaborated their national plans.

9. With respect to the outcome of the Workshop, Mr Doulman stated that it should lead to an increased awareness about the causes of IUU fishing and its impact on the sustainable management of resources. He added that the Workshop should also facilitate a greater sharing of experiences about IUU fishing and create a greater appreciation of the need for enhanced regional cooperation and harmonization of measures to combat IUU fishing in the Pacific Islands region.

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