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AEZAgro-Ecological Zones
AVHRRAdvanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
BUUABoston University Urban Area
CIATCentro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical
CIESINCenter for International Earth Science Information Network
DAFIFDigital Aeronautical Flight Information File
DCWDigital Chart of the World
DMADefense Mapping Agency
DMSPDefense Meteorological Satellite Program
DNDigital Numbers
DPKOUnited Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations
ESRIEnvironmental Systems Research Institute
GISGeographical Information System
GLCCGlobal Land Cover Characteristics
GNSGEOnet Names Sever
GPWGridded Population of the World
GRUMPGlobal Rural Urban Mapping Project
GRUMPeGlobal Rural Urban Mapping Programme
IDBInternational Data Base
IIASAInternational Institute for Applied System Analysis
IPCInternational Programs Center
IPFRIInternational Food Policy Research Institute
JNCsJet Navigation Charts
JRCEuropean Commission's Joint Research Centre
LCCSLand Cover Classification System
LTLight intensity Threshold
MDGsMillennium Development Goals
MODISMODerate resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
NCGIANational Center for Geographic Information Analysis
NGANational Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
NGDCNational Geophysical Data Center
NIMANational Imagery Mapping Agency
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NTLNighttime Lights
OLSOperational Linescan System
ONCOperational Navigation Chart
ORNLOak Ridge National Laboratories
PMRe5Poverty Mapping Rural extents at 5 arc-minutes
PMRdPoverty Mapping Rural population density
PMRpPoverty Mapping Rural population
PMRp5Poverty Mapping Rural population at 5 arc-minutes
PMRSdPoverty Mapping Rural Settlements population den
PMRSePoverty Mapping Rural Settlements extents
PMRSpPoverty Mapping Rural Settlements population
PMUdPoverty Mapping Urban population density
PMUePoverty Mapping Urban extents
PMUpPoverty Mapping Urban population
PMURPoverty Mapping Urban Rural database
SABESeamless Administrative Boundaries of Europe
TPCsTactical Pilotage Charts
UNUnited Nations
UNCSUnited Nations Cartographic Section
UNEPUnited Nation Environment Programme
UNLUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln
UNSDUnited Nations Statistic Division
UNupUnited Nations urban population figures
USGSU.S. Geological Survey
VIIRSVisible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite
VMap0Vector Smart Map level 0
VMap1Vector Smart Map level 1
VMap2Vector Smart Map level 2
WRIWorld Resources Institute

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