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The second part of the Proceedings of the Conference on the Governance and Management of Deep-sea Fisheries that was held in Queenstown, New Zealand from 1 to 5 December 2003 contains papers developed from many of the posters that were presented in the Poster Session of the Conference. Not all poster presenters have expanded their papers for the Proceedings. Poster-papers presented in this volume address issues of deep-sea oceanography, ecology, fisheries management and governance.

The second part of Volume 2 of the Proceedings contains papers that were presented at the Workshops that were held in Dunedin, New Zealand, from 27 to 29 November, just prior to DEEP SEA 2003. There were four workshops that addressed the topics of:

  1. Assessment and Management of Deepwater Fisheries
  2. Management of Small-Scale Deep-Sea Fisheries
  3. Conservation and Management of Deepwater Chondrichthyan Fishes and
  4. Bioprospecting in the High Seas.

Shotton, R. (ed.)
Deep Sea 2003: Conference on the Governance and Management of Deep-sea Fisheries.
Part 2: Conference poster papers and workshop papers. Queenstown, New Zealand,
1–5 December 2003 and Dunedin, New Zealand, 27–29 November 2003
FAO Fisheries Proceedings. No. 3/2. Rome, FAO. 2005. 487p.

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