Fertilizer use by crop in Zimbabwe

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Fertilizer use by crop in Zimbabwe
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Table of Contents




List of acronyms

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Zimbabwe's natural regions and farming systems

Natural regions

Natural Region I
Natural Region II
Natural Region III
Natural Region IV
Natural Region V

Soil quality and fertility
Characteristics and distribution of farming systems and farming units
Landholding, land use and cropping patterns in communal lands

Chapter 3. Soil fertility management

Cattle manure as a source of nutrients

Quality and effectiveness of manure as a fertilizer
Improving the effectiveness of manure and other options

Fertilizer-based soil management packages

Chapter 4. Fertilizer types, production and distribution

Fertilizer types
Distribution and marketing
Public-sector distribution channel system
The role of the government in promoting fertilizer supply and use
Constraints and challenges of fertilizer distribution in Zimbabwe

Chapter 5. Fertilizer consumption

Trends in fertilizer consumption
Factors affecting fertilizer use by farmers
Maize response to fertilizer application
Fertilizer use by crop

Chapter 6. Fertilizer-use recommendations

General fertilizer recommendations

Sugar cane

Chapter 7. Economics of fertilizer use

Chapter 8. Future prospects


Annex: Summary of studies on factors determining fertilizer use in the smallholder farming subsector of Zimbabwe

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