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Fisheries Department receives “Professor Kazimierz Demel Medal’’ from Poland's Sea Fisheries Institute


From left: Mr Tomasz Linkowski, Director of the Sea Fisheries Institute, FAO ADG Mr Nomura, J. Pilarczyk, Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development during the award ceremony held on 12 October 2005 at the Sea Fisheries Institute in Gdynia, Poland

The FAO's Fisheries Department was presented with the “Professor Kazimierz Demel Medal”in recognition of its contributions to fisheries science by Poland's oldest and leading marine science center, the Sea Fisheries Institute (SFI), on 12 October 2005, at a ceremony held in Gdynia, Poland. The award ceremony was attended by Mr Jerzy Pilarczyk (Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development), Mr Wojciech Szczurek (President of Gdynia), Professor Marcin Weslanski (Chairman of the Scientific Council), Mr Tomasz Linkowski (Director of the Sea Fisheries Institute) and about 50 guests. Mr Steve Karnicki (Deputy Director of the Sea Fisheries Institute and former Director of FIP) was also present.

The award is the highest Polish distinction granted to organizations and individuals both of Polish and foreign origin, for outstanding scientific and organizational research achievements in the fields of biology, ecology and fisheries sciences as well as achievements in popularizing knowledge of the sea.

The FAO was selected for this illustrious award in light of its “consistent promotion of responsible fisheries and inestimable contribution to the development of fishery sciences in the world,”according to Poland's Minister of Agriculture, J. Jerzy Pilarczyk. “FAO is deeply honoured to have our work on fisheries science and responsible fisheries recognized by receiving this prestigious medal,”said FAO's Assistant Director General for Fisheries, in remarks made at the award ceremony. ADG Nomura also gave a brief presentation on the state of world fisheries and aquaculture.

The SFI in Gdynia, Poland started way back in June 1921 when the Sea Fisheries Laboratory was established in Hel for the purpose of conducting research in hydrology and marine biology. From late 1938 to present, the SFI has been located in Gdynia and has occupied its new headquarters since 1991. Supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the SFI conducts research in the area of fisheries biology, fisheries oceanography and marine ecology, fish processing and fisheries economics. The Ministry of Education and Science (MES) provides primary funding for the institute's statutory activities; and additional funding are provided by other sources such as MSIT and European Union research grants, research and development projects and summary evaluations contracted by MES, scientific services provided to Polish and foreign institues and firms and commercial contracts.

More information about the institute can be found at:

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