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Preparation of this document

This document was prepared as part of the on-going activities of the FAO Fisheries Department in the monitoring and analysis of emerging issues with implications for fisheries and aquaculture at global, regional and national levels. This paper inventories and describes the trends in legal and administrative frameworks, management regimes, and status of marine capture fisheries for thirty-two countries in the Indian Ocean based on the results of a questionnaire; its purpose is to serve as an easy-to-read and informative reference for policy decision-makers, fishery managers and stakeholders.

The editor is indebted to Ms Rebecca Metzner of the FAO Fishery Policy and Planning Division, for sharing her vast experience in fisheries management and for her essential contribution in drafting the questionnaire. Much gratitude is due to the review authors, who faced an enormous task and who showed equally enormous patience with the editor. Ms Indra Gondowarsito and Ms Giovanna Martone were instrumental to the smooth day-to-day operations and the preparation of this document for publication and Ms Tania Abdirizzak and Ms Chrissi Redfern assisted in the formatting for publication. Mr Mathieu Soumy and Ms Elisabetta Martone provided statistical assistance and Mr David Dunn assisted in the editing. Lastly, the editor would like to thank Mr Ulf Wijkström, former Chief of the FAO Fishery Development Planning Service, for providing the initiative and means to complete these reviews.

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