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Acronyms and definitions

AIBAAgricultural Information Bank of Asia
AGLINETAgricultural Libraries Network
AGRIASIACurrent bibliography of Southeast Asian agricultural literature
AGRINDEXmonthly printed bibliography of AGRIS, stopped in 1995
AGRISInternational information system for the agricultural sciences and technology
AGRIS APAGRIS application profile
AGROVOCa specific controlled agricultural vocabulary
APUAGRIS Processing Unit
BTbroader term (AGROVOC)
CDS/ISISComputerized Documentation System/Integrated Set of Information Systems
CIATInternational Center for Tropical Agriculture
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FAOSTATFAO online multilingual statistical databases;
FORSPAForestry Research Support Programme for Asia and the Pacific
FTPfile transfer protocol
HTMLhypertext markup language
ICTinformation and communication technology
IDRCInternational Development Research Centre, Canada
IS-Arelation name “Is a”
ISO 2709ISSN standard used in the library world for bibliographic records
KUKasetsart University
NAiSTNatural Language Processing and Intelligent Information System Technology
NLPnatural language processing
NTnarrower term (AGROVOC)
OCRoptical character recognition
SDIselective dissemination of information
SEARCASoutheast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture
STREDEOMultimedia Multilanguage Document Storage, Retrieval and Dissemination for E-Organization
XMLextensible markup language

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