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Appendix 1
Thai AGRIS Centre outputs

The Thai AGRIS Centre has been applying WebAGRIS for bi-lingual database management service both through the Internet and CD-ROM. Some major outputs are as follows:

  1. Thai agriculture database, which is bi-lingual (Thai and English) with information dating from the present back to 1997 (from 1980–1996 is in Thai only). It is disseminated via the Internet. Only bibliographies with summaries are provided.

  2. The Kasetsart University annual conference database is a record of research papers presented at conferences between 1962 to present. It contains the bibliographies and full text e-documents. It is disseminated through the Internet and CD-ROMs for purchase.

  3. Kasetsart University open archive database. This is a bibliographical database with full text document. It includes academic papers of professors’ literature.

  4. Agricultural experts database. This is a proposed project with the objective of collecting academic papers and articles of lecturers, researchers and experts in agricultural science. It will offer bibliographies and e-full text document.

  5. Animal feeds database contains animal feedstuffs research papers in Thailand. It is a cooperative project between the Faculty of Agro-Industry and the Thai AGRIS Centre.

  6. The database for fruit pests and diseases consists of research papers from around the world on pest and pathogens of Thai fruits. The database concentrates on major export products such as mango, longan, lychee, rambutan and pineapple. The project is under the umbrella of a pilot project on pest-risk assessment for exporting Thai fruits, a collaborative effort between Kasetsart University and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

  7. Thai swamp buffalo database collects articles and research papers regarding swamp buffalo in Thailand, in collaboration with the International Buffalo Information Centre.

  8. Thai cassava database collects articles and research papers regarding cassava in Thailand, in collaboration with the Thai Cassava Foundation.

Thai AGRIS Centre timeline

Development of AGRIS information system and the Thai AGRIS Centre

1969FAO, Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau and the National Agricultural Library conduct a study to establish AGRIS system.
1974The international information system for the agricultural sciences and technology (AGRIS) is established and provides training to member countries.
1975The Kasetsart University library is selected to host the national AGRIS Centre. Because of insufficient personnel, the initial responsibilities are given temporarily in January to the Thai National Documentation Centre of the Science and Technology Research Institute, although retaining close cooperation with the Kasetsart library. The First Thai AGRIS input on paper form is submitted through the Agricultural Information Bank for Asia.

YearCooperationInformation Technology DevelopmentInformation Service
1980The Kasetsart University library becomes the Thai AGRIS Centre and initiates Thai agricultural information development at Kasetsart University (3/1980). Provides agricultural information service through the bibliography-AGRINDEX (1975–1994), AGRIASIA (1977–1996).
Initiates document delivery service through AGLINET.
1982 Created the Thai Agricultural Database 
Published the first volume of Thai Agricultural Bibliography
1983Organizes the first workshop to create cooperation network amongst agricultural institutes, agricultural libraries and the concerned agencies. Have the first demonstrating on agricultural information retrieval: On-line service to AGRIS Processing Unit, Austria by connecting to International Database Access and Remote Computing Service. (28/10/1983).
1985 The Kasetsart library obtains its first computer with the support of IDRC. Inputting using Dbase III Plus.Provides AGRIS SDI services.
1986 Submits first AGRIS input in electronic form, sending diskette via mail.Starts the AGRIS online data retrieval service (AGRIS/STAIRS) by connecting to AGRIS processing unit in Vienna. The service was done through international communication service, Communication Authority of Thailand (9/12/1986).
1987 Changes database application to Micro CDS/ISIS version 1.0. 
Micro CDS/ISIS version 2.3, in December 1989.
AGRIS on CDS/ISIS version 2.0 and AGCHKE base on Micro CDS/ISIS version 2.3 in January 1991. (Technical note 26, 27).
AGRIN version 2.0, in January 1993.
AGRIN version 3.0 and AGCHKE version 3.0, in December 1997.
WebAGRIS Beta version in January 2001.
1990Thai AGRIS Centre receives AGRIS and FHN CD-ROM from FAO.With financial support from NECTEC, Thai AGRIS Centre receives its first PC. 
1991 The Kasetsart library acquires a PC with CD-ROM drive and a set of printer for AGRIS CD-ROM service (7/1991).Thai AGRIS Centre announced AGRIS CD-ROM data retrieval service.
1992Submitted AGRIS input directly to APU with out sending data to AIBA in Philippines.Started data entry for Thai Agricultural Database. Transfer data from University Computer Centre’s server and re-entry some lost data. 
1994• AGRIS/FAO announces sending AGRIS input via email, FTP
• Internet access to AGRIS online and use telnet to IAEA (third technical consultation of AGRIS and CARIS participating centres: 6–10 June 1994)
1994 Cables and installs local area network in the library building. Sets up server system to enlarge data retrieval service from AGRIS CD-ROM and Thai agricultural database (6/1994). 
1995FAO establishes World Agricultural Information Centre (WAICENT)
1995 Designs and installed database CDS/ISIS system on the LAN. Used search Interface program from CIAT for internal information retrieval. Installed CD-NET for AGRIS CD-ROM retrieval in local network for users to retrieve, print and download data. (1/1995).Provides AGRIS CD-ROM data retrieval service via local area network. The data available are Thai Agricultural Database, AGRIS and FHN CD-ROM since 1975 (3/7/1995).
1997Promotes cooperation between countries in the region by carrying out the agricultural information development project for the forestry department library in Lao PDR.Implements KU CD-NET system for AGRIS and FHN CD-ROM information retrieval on Kasetsart University campus network (1/1997).Tests KU CD-NET system, evaluating AGRIS CD-ROM information retrieval service and survey for user requirement.
1998Fourth technical consultation ofAGRIS and CARIS participating centres: Strengthening AGRIS network's role as a provider of information and knowledge in sustainable agricultural development, 8–11 June 1998.
  Submits AGRIS data input via Internet using email and FTP (9/1998).Provides AGRIS CD-ROM retrieval system on campus network: KU CD-NET (5/1998).
 Assistance to the library in the forestry department of Lao PDR under the support of FAO/FORSPA to develop a Lao forestry database.
1999• AGRIS processing unit in Vienna is terminated. AGRIS process transfers to Rome.
• AGRIS database is available on the Internet.
   Promotes access to AGRIS Database via Internet.
2000• FAO provides an opportunity for participants of AGRIS input centres in the Asia-Pacific region to attend a WAICENT workshop in Japan.
• Dr. Stephen Rudgard is the keynote speaker for the 20th anniversary of Thai AGRIS Centre conference, 6 – 7 July 2000.
• The first consultation on agricultural information management (cir 2/2000) takes place 5–7 June 2000.
Representative from Thai AGRIS Centre attends WAICENT workshop in IWS2000, Tsukuba, Japan.Creates Thai National AGRIS Centre Homepage.Establishes the agricultural Web portal with both local and international information.
Provides Thai AGRIS Database information retrieval service on web
Organizes 1st conference on information Technology for Agriculture, 6–7 July 2000.Set up Linux and WebSIS server 
2001Thai AGRIS Centre is nominated as a centre of excellence AGRIS network.Kasetsart University provides two servers and a scanner for the centre's document digitalization project. 
Thai AGROVOC and Thai Agricultural Knowledge-Based Development Project was approved.Starts digitalizing documents.
Replaces the archive collection in microform with digital scanning.
Collaborates with FAO on the Thai AGROVOC development.Starts developing Thai AGROVOC.
Meets with Thai AGRIS network agencies on Development of Agricultural Information System for Knowledge Acquisition and Dissemination (8/2001).Creates Thai WebAGRIS for data entry in both Thai and English languages.
Trains staff on development of the Thai AGROVOC and Thai WebAGRIS at FAO Rome, Italy (11/2001). 
2002Attends WebAGRIS workshop at the Institute for Computer and Information Engineering in Brussels, Belgium.Thai AGRIS centre installs a system for providing agricultural e-document services (10/2002). 
2003Studies and develops agricultural knowledge management system and multilingual ontology.Tests Thai WebAGRIS system for Thai information retrieval and data entry through Internet.Provides database management application, Thai WebAGRIS and also the utilization of Thai AGROVOC.
With the collaboration of the specialty research unit of Natural Language Processing and Intelligent Information System Technology, Department of Computer Engineering, Kasetsart University,Tests Thai AGROVOC service via Internet for public feedback and improve for the beta version.
In collaboration with FAO, organizes the first Workshop on agricultural information management: WebAGRIS system and Thai agricultural information networking.Testing Thai AGROVOC for Thai WebAGRIS data entry and indexing.
2004Strengthen collaboration with other partner in AOS workshop, Beijing (4/2004).Finished first edition of Thai AGROVOC.Announce first edition of Thai AGRIVOC for indexing and query expansion.
Develop Thai agricultural thesaurus and Thai agricultural ontology.
Provide Thai AGRIS database on Thai WebAGRIS system via Internet.
Finished developing and testing Thai WebAGRIS.
Officially use WebAGRIS system for Thai AGRIS Centre data entry (1/12/2004).
Assistance to NAFRI, Lao PDR, under the support of SIDA and in collaboration with FAO to develop a Lao AGROVOC and Lao agricultural database.
Transfer all Thai AGRIS database in AGRIN 3.0 format to Thai WebAGRIS system.
2005Organized second conference on information technology for agriculture, 9–10 March 2005, in occasion of 25th anniversary Thai AGRIS Centre, in collaboration with FAO.Finished first phase of document digitization.Announced agriculture e-document service.
Provided Thai agricultural knowledge-based service.

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