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Following the disaster caused by the tsunami waves following the earthquake on 26 December 2004, regional fishery organizations in the region quickly joined together to form a Consortium to Restore Shattered Livelihoods in Tsunami-devastated Nations (CONSRN). CONSRN organized a regional workshop on the rehabilitation of fisheries and aquaculture in coastal communities of tsunami affected countries in Asia that was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 29 February to 1 March 2005. The workshop developed and adopted a Regional Strategic Framework for the rehabilitation of fisheries and aquaculture in tsunami affected countries in Asia.

A year has passed since the Regional Strategic Framework was finalized and it was deemed timely to review progress against the strategy, re-assess needs and help coordinate the longer-term rehabilitation that is now needed in affected countries. A second regional workshop was therefore organized whose objectives were to (i) review progress against the regional strategy, (ii) share and discuss national strategies for rehabilitation, and (iii) plan how CONSRN partnerscan assist countries implement these strategies.

This document presents a report of the meeting including a review of progress against the activities recommended in the Regional Strategic Framework, summary of country strategies, and recommendations for future work for the affected countries and CONSRN partners. The recommendations for action in tsunami rehabilitation emphasized the need for coordination and the importance of capacity building within communities, particularly in enabling them to access and manage the financial resources they need to effectively rebuild their livelihoods. The meeting also stressed the importance of ensuring that rehabilitation within the fishery sector was undertaken with due care and consideration of the fisheries resources and the livelihoods of those who depend upon them.

He Changchui
Assistant Director-General and
Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific

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