Report of the Twenty-first Session of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission

RAP Publication: 2006/09

Dehradun, India
17-21 April 2006

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Bangkok, 2006

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First session

Bangkok, Thailand

9-17 October 1950

Second session

Singapore/Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1-13 December 1952

Third session

Tokyo, Japan

9-21 April 1955

Fourth session

Bandung, Indonesia

8-12 June 1957

Fifth session

New Delhi, India

12-18 February 1960

Sixth session

Hong Kong

12-17 September 1962

Seventh session

Rotorua, New Zealand

22 September-2 October 1964

Eighth session

Seoul, Korea (Rep. of)

1-8 May 1969

Ninth session

Canberra, Australia

20-28 September 1973

Tenth session

Kathmandu, Nepal

6-10 June 1977

Eleventh session

Suva, Fiji

6-10 April 1981

Twelfth session

Bangkok, Thailand

19-23 March 1984

Thirteenth session

Beijing, China

30 March-3 April 1987

Fourteenth session

Manila, Philippines

12-16 March 1990

Fifteenth session

Colombo, Sri Lanka

9-13 August 1993

Sixteenth session

Yangon, Myanmar

15-20 January 1996

Seventeenth session

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

23-27 February 1998

Eighteenth session

Noosaville, Queensland, Australia

15-19 May 2000

Nineteenth session

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

26-30 August 2002

Twentieth session

Nadi, Fiji

19-23 April 2004

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This publication reports the proceedings of the APFC session held in Dehradun, India from 17 to 21 April 2006. Representatives from 29 member countries and 3 United Nations organizations participated in the session, along with observers and representatives from 3 non-member countries and 25 regional and international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. Kiribati and Tuvalu were welcomed as new members.
The Commission considered progress towards sustainable forest management in the region and noted the positive trend of forest plantation expansion, but expressed concern over continuing loss of natural forests. Delegates cited several common threats to the region's forests including illegal and uncontrolled logging, invasive species, forest fires and competition from alternative land uses. The Commission noted that countries were sometimes constrained in dealing effectively with these issues by insufficient budgetary resources, weak institutional capacities and inadequate political will.
The Commission held an in-session seminar on payments for environmental services and a pre-session workshop on forests and poverty reduction. The Commission also presented and discussed key issues such as financing sustainable forest management, the role of regional organizations in advancing action on issues raised in global dialogues on sustainable forest management, and implementation of codes of practice for forest management. The document lists a summary of the recommendations made by the Commission session, as well as regional issues identified by the Commission for the attention of the FAO Committee on Forestry.