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Appendix I

Acknowledged are the valuable contributions of the following resources persons and many others that made this report possible:

Prof. A.A. Meharg University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Dr P.N. Williams University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Dr H. Schat Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Prof. Y.G. Zhu Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. W. Seinen University of Utrecht, the Netherlands
Prof. R. Naidu CERAR, Australia
Prof. R. Loeppert Texas University, United States of America
Prof. J. Duxbury Cornell University, United States of America
Dr R. Ritsema RIVM, the Netherlands
Dr G. Howard DFID
Mr T. Facon FAO
Mr Z.Chen FAO
Ms S. Koo-Oshima FAO
DrY. Niino FAO
Mr R. Johnston UNICEF
Mr R. Nickson UNICEF
Ms A. Currie UNICEF
Mr H. Heijnen WHO
Dr R. Rooney WHO
Dr R. Boerschke WHO
Dr C. Meisner CIMMYT
Dr G.M. Panaullah CIMMYT
Dr A. Noble IWMI
Dr R. Simmons IWMI
Dr M.A.M. Miah BRRI
Dr A.T.M. Farid BARI
Prof. Sk.Akhtar Ahmad NIPSOM
Dr M.H. Salim Ullah Sayed NIPSOM
Prof. R.A. Islam BAU
Prof. M.F. Ahmed BUET
Prof. M.M. Rahman BUET
Prof. S.M.I. Huq Dhaka University
Dr S.A. Hossain Dhaka University
Ms D. Panagides Helen Keller International
Ms G. Stallkamp Helen Keller International
Ms N. Akther Helen Keller International

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