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First edition- 2002

"Our Future Is In Your Hands"
Wildlife Clubs of Ghana Leader's Guide

A guide to best practices and activities in initiating, leading, running and sustaining Wildlife Clubs in Ghana

Prepared by Matthew Seebach: FAO-Forestry Unit
Collaboration with the Marketing and the Environment, Education and Awareness Units of the Ghana Wildlife Society

Emmeline Hill
Gerard Boakye
Cecelia Akwetey
Steve Ralph

Supported by the
Food and Agricultural Organisation-FAO of the United Nations,
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom,
The Royal Society for The Protection of Birds-UK

Table of Contents



Section 1. Introduction

Introduction to the Wildlife Clubs of Ghana

Section 2: How to start a club

Five steps for starting a club

Checklist for Planning Your Club

Section 3: Activities to Start a New Club

ACTIVITY 1: Introducing the Club

ACTIVITY 2: Elections and Work Plan for the Year

Section 4. Learning Activities

ACTIVITY 3: What is Wildlife?

ACTIVITY 4: Defining and Exploring the Environment

ACTIVITY 5: Mouse, Mouse Hawk Game

ACTIVITY 6: Wildlife Song

ACTIVITY 7: Important Wildlife Laws

ACTIVITY 8: Pressure on the Environment Game

ACTIVITY 9: Sustainability Game

ACTIVITY 10: Pollution-Clean Up

ACTIVITY 11: Story Telling about Wildlife

ACTIVITY 12: Bat, Bat Moth Game

ACTIVITY 13: Bird Watching

ACTIVITY 14: Meeting of Traditional Council

ACTIVITY 15: Wildlife Quiz

ACTIVITY 16: Reading the Future Forest Magazine

ACTIVITY 17: Drama-Sketches


Additional Activities for learning about the environment

Section 5: Projects for the Environment

PROJECT 1: Community Research

PROJECT 2: Water Pollution Research

PROJECT 3: Air Quality Research

PROJECT 4: Trees and Forests research

PROJECT 5: Awareness Raising

PROJECT 6: Tree Planting

PROJECT 7: Snail Farming

PROJECT 8: Grasscutter or Cane Rat Rearing

Additional Projects

Section 6: Information on running a club

Inaugurating a new club

Planning a Field Trip


Promoting your Wildlife Club

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