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GKNT = USSR State Committee for Science and Technology
VASKhNIL = V.I. Lenin Ail-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Administrative Divisions

RSFSR = Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic (or Russian Federation)
SSR = Soviet Socialist Republic
ASSR = Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
territory = Russ. krai
region = Russ. oblast'
province = Russ. guberniya (obsolete)
district = Russ. raion
area or zone = Russ. zona

Breeding Terms

breeding centre = Russ. plemennoi zavod (plemzavod)
conservation herd = Russ. genofondnoe stado
germ plasm = Russ. genofond
improved breed = Russ. zavodskaya poroda (or kulturnaya poroda) i.e. one suitable for intensive production
taboon = Russ. tabun, a herd or drove of horses on free range
udder index = percentage of milk produced by the forequarters

Fleece Terms

blocky staple = Russ. shtapelnoe runo
breaking length of wool = the theoretical length of wool which would break under its
own weight when suspended from one end
fleece hangs in pointed locks = Russ. kosichnoe runo
guard hair = Russ. ost'
kemp = Russ. mėrtvyi volos (dead hair)
lambskin or fur = Russ. smushka
pelt = Russ. shuba
sheepskin = Russ. ovchina
tan = Russ. ryzhyi
tippy staple = Russ. shtapelno-kosichnoe runo
true wool = Russ. pukh i.e. down or undercoat
yolk = Russ. zhiropot i.e. sweat or suint plus sebum or fat