Woodfuel Integrated Supply / Demand Overview Mapping (WISDOM)

Spatial woodfuel production and consumption analysis

Rudi Drigo
Forestry Specialist - Wood energy planning and forest resources monitoring

Živan Veselič
Slovenia Forest Service

Based on: the work carried out in the framework of the FAO/Government of Slovenia Project “Supply and Utilization of Bioenergy to Promote Sustainable Forest Management” TCP/SVN/2901, and follow-up actions undertaken by the Slovenia Forest Service and Slovenia Forestry Institute.

FAO – Forestry Department – Wood Energy
January 2006

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1. Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Objectives

2 Results and findings
2.1 Slovenia WISDOM

3 WISDOM development
3.1 WISDOM methodology
3.2 Spatial base and geodatabase structure
3.3 DEMAND module
3.4 SUPPLY module
3.5 INTEGRATION module

4 SWEIS development
4.1 Production
4.2 Import
4.3 Export
4.4 Consumption

5 Project follow-up
5.1 The impact of WISDOM on policy formulations
5.2 WISDOM development
5.3 Further recommended action


Annex 1. Unified Wood Energy Terminology – Conceptual view
Annex 2. Summary of statistical data received from Statistical Office of Slovenia
Annex 3. Household fuelwood consumption estimates
Annex 4. WISDOM parameters by category
Annex 5. SFS databases
Annex 6. Non-forest biomass survey
Annex 7. SWEIS in energy units