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Given the cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary character of wood energy, the development of the WISDOM geodatabase could not be possible without the competent contributions of many persons from different Slovenian institutions.

The authors highly appreciate the availability and friendly collaboration that responded to their numerous and, at times, pressing requests for data and maps. In particular, the authors wish to express their gratitude to:

Miguel Trossero, FAO Wood Energy Programme, for his wise supervision;

Andrej Grum, Slovenia Forest Service (SFS), for his efficient Project coordination;

Andrej Kermavnar, SFS Director, Jurij Begus, Robert Ogrizek, Rok Pisek and Dragan Matijasic, SFS, for their friendly availability and advise;

Nike Krajnc, Slovenia Forestry Institute (SFI), for her dedication and generous competent contribution;

Mirko Medved and Milan Hocevar, SFI, for their contributions and the many interesting discussions;

Peter Prosenc, for his precious assistance in the survey of non-forest biomass

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