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These voluntary guidelines have been derived through an extensive multistakeholder process coordinated by FAO over a period of two years. Experts in planted forests from governments, the private sector (corporate and smallholder), non-governmental (social and environmental) and intergovernmental organizations and academics gave willingly of their valuable resources, time and expertise to explore the correct balance for the guidelines. FAO wishes to acknowledge its major partners in preparing the early concepts and drafts:

FAO invited the government forest authorities of all countries to comment on the draft versions and held discussions and workshops in association with FAO Regional Forestry Commission meetings. The Organization is indebted to these various stakeholder groups, particularly governments, for their valuable feedback.

Additional feedback from the private sector, non-governmental organizations and other civil-society groups was obtained through international fora coordinated by the FAO Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products, Forest Dialogue, International Council of Forest and Paper Associations and World Business Council for Sustainable Development (Sustainable Forest Products Industries).

Further acknowledgements to Jim Ball and Ian Armitage for authoring and review of the draft document, to Lynn Ball for editing and layout, Roberto Cenciarelli for cover preparation, Veracel Company in Bahia, Brazil, for the cover photo and to Graciela Andrade for administrative support to the process.

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