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Accounting; see Bookkeeping

Angle of attack of otter board
Apparent Nominal Power, of trawler
Area, formulae for calculation
Area, see also Twine surface area
Area, units of measurement


Backstrop, of otter board
Ballast, of purse seine
Bar (of net mesh)
Beach seme
Beach seine, bridles and ropes
Beach seine, materials and hanging
Beach seine, types of
Bobbins, rubber
Bobbins, steel
Bollard pull, of trawler
Bottom seine
Bottom seines, dimensions
Bottom seines, operation
Bottom seines, ropes
Bottom traw; see also Trawls
Brake horsepower, BHP
Breaking strength, breaking load .Bulldog grips; see Cable damps
Bunt, for trawl groundrope
Bunt* of purse seine
Buoy; see float
Buoyancy, of fibres and Materials
Buoyancy, of floats Buoyant force, and gravity


Cable clamps (wire rope clips)
Cable, see Wire rope
Circumference, formulae for calculation
Connectors, steel
Conversion, units of measurement
Cookies, for trawl


Danish seine
Deck equipment
Deck equipment, information for ordering
Density of materials
Depressor, for trolling
Depth of midwater pair trawl, estimation
Diving board, for trolling
Door, see Otter board
Drum, information for ordering
Drum, purse seine
Drum, traw! net drum
Dutch clip (codend clip)


Echo-sounders, characteristics Echo-sounders, choice of Edge, net webbing Entangling nets


Fish finders; see echo-sounders
Fish hooks, information for ordering
Fishhooks, knots for tying Fish hooks, principal types Fish hooks, terms for describing Floats, estimating buoyancy of
Floats, estimating number needed for seine Foots, for gillnets and seines Floats, for marking stationary gear
Floats, for seine Floats, for trawls Floats, information for ordering
Floats, ring-shaped Floats, spherical, buoyancy Flotation; see Buoyancy Footrope, of trawl Force, units of measurement Fork rigging of trawl Formulae
Fresh water consumption Fuel consumption of engine Fushi


G links
Gillnet, information for ordering
Gillnets, choosing meshsize
Gillnets, choosing twine
Gil nets, flotation and ballast
Gillnets, hanging, rigging
Gillnetting, speed of operations
Gravity and buoyant force
Groundrope, of trawl
Groundrope, trawl: Examples


Handlines; see Vertical line fishing
Hanging net panels
Hanging ratio
Hardware, hooks and


Hardware, steel, for joining
Hauler, information for ordering
Haulers, ine haulers
Haulers, net haulers
Haulers, pot/trap haulers
Head ine height of traw
Headline, of traw
Height of mounted net
Hold, fish hold
Holds, capacity
Hooks, hardware
Hooks, see Fish hooks
Horsepower, HP


Ice, amount required Inclination, of traw warps, measurement




Kites, for trawl
Knots, for fish hooks
Knots, for longlines
Knots, for stoppers and mooring
Knots, net webbing kW, kilowatts


Lamps, (or fish attraction
Length, units of measurement
Lifting, slings and tackles
Light, fishing with
Light, units of measurement
Line fishing
Line fishing accessories
Line, see Twine, Rope
Link, half-cut
Link, riveted
Longlines, automation
Longlines, bottom longline plan and rigging
Longlines, components
Long ines, drifting
Long ines, set
Longlinmg, speed of operations


Marking buoys
Mass, units of measurement
Mesh opening
Mesh size, for purse seine
Mesh size, stretched
Midwater pair trawl, estimating depth
Midwater traw
Monofilament; see also
Mounting net panes
Mouth opening, of bottom


Net webbing, common cutting rates
Net webbing, cutting rates
Net webbing, definition of cuts Net webbing, estimation of weight
Net webbing, hanging ratio
Net webbing, information for ordering
Net webbing, joining panels
Net webbing, knots, edges, selvedges
Net webbing, meshes, definition
Net webbing, mounted height
Net webbing, mounting panels
Net webbing, surface covered
Net webbing, systems of measuring
Net webbing, twine surface area
Net webbing, twine surface in traw


Ordering equipment, data needed
Otter boards, ad|ustment
Otter boards, angle of attack
Otter boards, estimating spread
Otter boards, proportions
Otter boards; types, weight, surface area
Otter trawl, see Trawl


Pair trawl, midwater Pair trawling, engine RPM Pair trawls, rigging Pelagic trawls; see Trawls, midwater
Polyamide (PA); see
Synthetic fibres, Twine
Polyester (PES); see Synthetic fibres, Twine
Polyethylene (PE); see
Synthetic fibres, Twine
Polypropylene (PP); see
Synthetic fibres, Twine
Pots; see Traps and pots
Power block
Power block, information for ordering
Power, of trawlers
Power, units of measurement
Prawn trawls; see Shrimp traw s
Pressure, underwater
Pressure, units of measurement
Puling power of trawler
Purse line
Purse rings
Purse seine
Purse seine, buoyancy of floats
Purse seine, depth
Purse seine, dimensions, twine
Purse seine, hanging ratio
Purse seine, plan and rigging
Purse seine, weight of sinkers
Purse seining, speed of


Regulations, local fisheries
Rings, for net ballast
Rings, for purse seine
Rings, for trawl groundrope
Rope, combination wire (1)
Rope, combination wire (2)
Rope, floa (lines and leadlines
Rope, knots for joining and loops
Rope, knots for stoppers and mooring
Rope, loss of breaking strength due to knots and splices
Rope, synthetic fibre
Rope, vegetable fibre
Rtex, Resultant tex


Safe working load
Safety factor Seine, anchor
or Danish Seine; see also
Bottom seine Selvedge Setsu
Settling; see Bookkeeping Shackles
Shearing depressor, for troling
Shrimp (prawn| trawls Sinkers
Sinking speed of purse seine Slings
Snaps, for long line. Sounders; see Echo-sounders
Spacers, for groundrope
Speed, units of measurement
Spread, horizontal spread of traw
Sguare roots, tables
Stainless steel; see Wire rope
Strength of hardware
Stretched mesh
Surface covered by netting
Synthetic fibres, commercial names
Synthetic fibres, identification Synthetic fibres, physical properties


Tackles Tanks, live
Temperature, units of measurement
Tow line, of purse seine
Tramme net, example of pan and rigging
Tramme nets
Tramme nets, flotation and weight
Traps and pots
Traps and pots, dimensions
Traps and pots, entrances
Traps and pots, examples
Traps and pots, materials
Trave board, information for ordering
Trawl door; see Otter board
Trawl groundropes
Trawling speed
Trawls; (see also Pair trawls)
Trawls, bottom trawl plan
Trawls, bottom, meshsize and twine size
Trawls, buoyancy and weight
Trawls, choosing size for vessel hp
Trawls, fork rigging
Trawls, midwatertrawl pan
Trawls, midwater, meshsize and twine size
Trawls, opening of bottom traw
Trawls, opening of midwater trawls
Trawls, rigging
Trawls, twine surface area
Tw me
Twine size, for purse seine
Twine size; see also Twine number
Twine surface area in trawl
Twine, common, for netting
Twine, equivalents, numbering systems
Twine, information for ordering
Twine, measurement
Twine, number, tex, denier, runnage, diameter
Twine, nylon, monofi ament, mu timonofilament
Twine, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene
Twine, Rtex
Twine, runnage
Twine, tex
Two-boat trawls; see Pair


Vertica line fishing Volume, formulae for calculation Volume, units of measurement


Warp, nformation for ordering
Warp angle, vertical, . measurement
Warps, trawl; diameter, length
Weight in water
Wells, live
Winch, information for ordering
Winch, pull, power, speed
Winch, purse seine
Winch, trawl
Wire rope clips
Wire rope, galvanized steel
Wire rope, handling
Wire rope, matching drums and sheaves
Wire rope, sma 1 diameter Wire rope, stainless steel
Wire rope, structure and use


Yarn; see a so Twine

Books published by Fishing News Books

Free catalogue available on request

Advances in fish science and technology
Aquaculture in Taiwan
Aquaculture: principles and practice Aquaculture training manual
Aquatic weed control
Atlantic salmon: its future
Better angling with simple science
British freshwater fishes
Business management in fisheries and aquaculture
Cage aquaculture
Calculations for fishing gear designs
Carp farming
Commercial fishing methods
Control of fish quality
Crab and lobster fishing
The crayfish
Culture of bivalve mollusks
Design of small fishing vessels
Developments in electric fishing
Developments in fisheries research in Scotland
Echo sounding and sonar for fishing
The economics of salmon aquaculture
The edible crab and its fishery in British waters
Eel culture
Engineering, economics and fisheries management
European inland water fish: a multilingual catalogue
FAO catalogue of fishing gear designs
FAO catalogue of small scale fishing gear
Fibre ropes for fishing gear
Fish and shellfish farming in coastal waters
Fish catching methods of the world
Fisheries oceanography and ecology
Fisheries of Australia Fisheries sonar
Fisherman's workbook
Fishermen's handbook
Fishery development experiences
Fishing and stock fluctuations
Fishing boats and their equipment
Fishing boats of the world 1
Fishing boats of the world 2
Fishing boats of the world 3
The fishing cadet's handbook
Fishing ports and markets
Fishing with electricity
Fishing with light
Freezing and irradiation of fish
Freshwater fisheries management
Glossary of UK fishing gear terms
Handbook of trout and salmon diseases
A history of marine fish culture in Europe and North America
How to make and set nets
Inland aquaculture development handbook
Intensive fish farming
Introduction to fishery by-products
The law of aquaculture: the law relating to the farming of fish and shellfish in Great Britain
The lemon sole
A living from lobsters
The mackerel
Making and managing a trout lake
Managerial effectiveness in fisheries and aquaculture
Marine fisheries ecosystem
Marine pollution and sea life
Marketing in fisheries and aquaculture
Mending of fishing nets
Modern deep sea trawling gear
More Scottish fishing craft
Multilingual dictionary of fish and fish products
Navigation primer for fishermen
Net work exercises
Netting materials for fishing gear
Ocean forum
Pair trawling and pair seining
Pelagic and semi-pelagic trawling gear
Penaeid shrimps — their biology and management
Planning of aquaculture development
Refrigeration of fishing vessels
Salmon and trout farming in Norway
Salmon farming handbook
Scallop and queen fisheries in the British Isles
Seine fishing
Squid jigging from small boats
Stability and trim of fishing vessels and other small ships
Study of the sea
Textbook of fish culture
Training fishermen at sea
Trends in fish utilization
Trout farming handbook
Trout farming manual
Tuna fishing with pole and line

A handy tool for reference on land or sea, this book contains the essential information commercial fishermen need to choose and use fishing equipment. It contains guidelines and recommendations drawn from many years' experience in professional fishing compiled at the Fishing Technology Service of the FAO, covering:

All the information is highly illustrated, and there are also many useful formulae and tables for conversions between different systems of measurement.

Fishing News Books
specializes in books on a wide range of subjects connected with world-wide commercial fisheries including aquaculture and the management of fresh waters. A detailed catalogue is available free on request from:

Fishing News Books,
Osney Mead,
Oxford OX2 0EL

Printed in Great Britain

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