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Working Documents
APFIC:ExCo/07/01 Provisional Agenda
APFIC:ExCo/07/02Inter-sessional Activities of APFIC
APFIC:ExCo/07/02Add 1 Detailed Inter-sessional activities
APFIC:ExCo/07/03International fishery developments
APFIC:ExCo/07/04Review of the functions of Regional Fishery Bodies and arrangements
APFIC:ExCo/07/05APFIC budget and finance
APFIC:ExCo/07/06APFIC strategic plan
APFIC:ExCo/07/07APFIC Regional consultative workshops
APFIC:ExCo/07/08Recommendations and outcomes of the 27th FAO Committee on Fisheries
APFIC:ExCo/07/09Preparations for the Regional Consultative Forum Meeting and arrangements for the Thirtieth Session of APFIC

Information Documents
APFIC:ExCo/07/Inf.1Provisional List of Documents
APFIC:ExCo/07/Inf.21Provisional List of Participants
APFIC:ExCo/07/Inf.3Report of the Seventieth Session of the APFIC Executive Committee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 23–25 August 2005
APFIC:ExCo/07/Inf.4Report of the Twenty-ninth Session of APFIC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 21–23 August 2004
APFIC:ExCo/07/Inf.5Regional Plan of Action (RPOA) to Promote Responsible Fishing Practices including Combating IUU Fishing in the Region & DRAFT Ministerial Statement on the above
APFIC:ExCo/07/Inf.6FAO and its Regional Fishery Bodies
APFIC:ExCo/07/Inf.7FAO Administrative Circular No. 2007/14, Date: 19 April 2007

1 Available at the Session

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