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  1. In the Workshop closing remarks Mr Simon Funge-Smith thanked the participants for their active and valuable contribution to the Workshop. He underlined the importance of taking the recommendations back to the member governments and actively work on implementing the recommendations. The Workshop was successful and created a good forum for APFIC members to discuss informally issues surrounding capture fisheries and aquaculture certification issues. On behalf of FAO and APFIC he also thanked the Government of Viet Nam for their excellent arrangements hosting the Workshop.
  2. On behalf of the Government of Viet Nam and the Fisheries and Aquaculture sector, Dr Pham Trong Yen thanked the participants and APFIC/FAO for choosing Viet Nam as a host country. Certification in aquaculture and fisheries is an important issue for Viet Nam and the recommendations from the Workshop are useful for both Viet Nam and for other countries in the region.

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