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75. The Commission was informed of the upcoming XIII World Forestry Congress to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 18-25 October 2009, with the theme: Forests in development – a vital balance, and members were encouraged to participate fully.

76. The Commission was informed of the ongoing process to formulate a new FAO Strategy for Forestry. Revision of the strategy was mandated by FAO’s Committee on Forestry (COFO) and the Independent External Evaluation of FAO, and responds to UN and FAO reforms. Commission members were encouraged to provide inputs and recommendations in support of the strategy formulation process by mid-2008. The new strategy will be presented to FAO member countries for consideration at the nineteenth session of COFO in 2009.

77. The Commission was informed of the launch of the Forest Resources Assessment 2010 (FRA 2010) and upcoming FAO publications, including State of the world’s forests 2009 and State of the world’s forest genetic resources (2013).

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