A quarterly journal on animal health, production and products no. 44 - 1982



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WORLD ANIMAL REVIEW is a quar­terly journal reviewing developments in animal production, animal health and animal products, with particular reference to these spheres in Asia, Africa and Latin America. It is pub­lished by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. FAO was founded in Quebec, Canada, in October 1945, when the Member Nations agreed to work together to secure a lasting peace through free­dom from want. The membership of FAO numbers 152 nations.

Director-General: Edouard Saouma.

WORLD ANIMAL REVIEW [abbrevia­tion: Wld Anim. Rev. (FAO)] is prepared by FAO's Animal Production and Health Division, which is one of Five divisions in the Agriculture De-partment. The Division is subdivided into three technical services con­cerned with animal production, meat and milk development, and animal health.

Chairman of the Editorial Advisory Committee: R.B. Griffiths (Director, Animal Production and Health Di­vision).

Acting Technical Editor: D.E. Faulkner.

COVER: Tick-infested cow. Photos: Courtesy P.B. Capstick, The Wellcome Foundation Ltd, Beckenham, UK.


Beef cattle production from improved pastures
P. Gillard

Awassi sheep
H. Epstein

Worm load and anthelmintic treatment of sheep in Afghanistan
R. Kirsch and W.M. Miller

An exotic cattle population under a tropical environment - its adaptation and utilization in a crossbreeding programme
M. Menzi, W. Kropf and W. von Siebenthal

The use of drugs in the development of livestock production in tsetse-infested areas
G. Tacher

Gliricidia maculata: a promising legume fodder plant
P.A. Chadhokar


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