The Awassi sheep with special reference to the improved dairy type

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I wish to thank my colleagues David Amir, Ezra Eyal, Istvan Fái, Sally Gordin, Kalman Perk, Haim Schindler and Morris Soller, who read and commented upon various sections of the typescript dealing with subjects of which their knowledge is much superior to mine. I am also deeply indebted to that great breeder of the Awassi, Mordechai Livne, for his invaluable information and advice.
It is doubtful if the Awassi book would have found a publisher without the active interest taken in it by Professor F. Pirchner of the chair of animal breeding at the Technical University of Munich, who also succeeded in obtaining financial support for its publication. My sincere gratitude is due him for his gracious assistance.
The publication of the book has been facilitated by a grant provided by the H. Wilhelm Schaumann Stiftung zur Förderung der Agrarwissenschaften, Hamburg, for which I wish to express my appreciation. For similar support I am indebted to the communal settlement 'Eyn Harod (Ihud) and the Sheep Breeders' Association of Israel.

H. Epstein
Professor Emeritus of Animal Breeding
Hebrew University
Jerusalem, Israel

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