Poultry in the 21st century: avian influenza and beyond, proceedings of the International Poultry Conference Bangkok, November 2007


Poultry in the 21st century
Avian influenza and beyond

International Poultry Conference
Bangkok, November 2007

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    Rome, 2008

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Table of contents

Part 1   [512 Kb]

    Welcome address
    Summary report

Part 2   [271 Kb]

    PART 1
    Sector trends and impacts

    Global poultry sector trends and external drivers of structural change

    Scale and structures of the poultry sector and factors inducing change:
    intercountry differences and expected trends

    Poultry sector in China: structural changes during the past decade and
    future trends

    Structural changes in Thailand’s poultry sector and its social implications

    The poultry industry in India

    Case study of the Egyptian poultry sector

    Future trends and developments in poultry nutrition

    Future trends for poultry genetic resources

    Perspectives on the global markets for poultry products

    Global feed issues affecting the Asian poultry industry

    Feed availability inducing structural change in the poultry sector

    Social impacts of structural change in the poultry sector

    Summary of Discussions

Part 3   [162 Kb]

    PART 2
    Risks and Challenges for Poultry Production

    Risks associated with poultry production systems

    Poultry production and the environment – a review

    Do old and new forms of poultry go together?

    OIE standards and guidelines related to trade and poultry diseases

    Animal welfare in poultry production systems:
    Impact of European Union standards on world trade

    Zoonotic desease risks and socioeconomic impacts of industrial poultry
    production: review of the experience with contract growing in the United
    States of America

    Response of the Thai poultry industry to highly pathogenic avian influenza

    Food-safety concerns in the poultry sector of developing countries

    Risks caused by bio-aerosols in poultry houses

    Veterinary services for poultry production

    Summary of Discussions

Part 4   [149 Kb]

    PART 3
    Poultry as a Development Tool

    Poultry production for livelihoods and poverty alleviation

    Smallholder family poultry as a tool to initiate rural development

    Scope and space for small-scale poultry production in developing countries

    Village chicken production systems in Thailand

    Formal and informal contract farming in poultry in Bangladesh

    Getting the poultry private sector involved in the development for Africa

    Summary of Discussions

Part 5   [204 Kb]

    List of participants

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