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As outlined in the Strategic Plan and also as recommended in the report of the Seventy-first Executive Committee, the following key activities will be undertaken by the commission and APFIC secretariat during the coming biennium of work as follows:

September 2008

The report and recommendations of the Thirtieth Session of APFIC are communicated to FAO prior to the Committee on Fisheries (2009) and APFIC secretariat will report to the Meeting of the Regional Secretariats Network Meeting.

May 2009

The Secretariat organizes and implements the first Regional Consultative workshop on one of the Commissions top two priority emerging issues. The first workshop will cover the practical applications for the Asia-Pacific region of the Ecosystem Approach for the management of fisheries and aquaculture and how this relates to the implementation of the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries.

August 2009

The Seventy-second Session of the Executive Committee of APFIC meets in August 2009 to review (i) role of APFIC; (ii) outcomes and recommendations of the APFIC Regional Consultative workshops; (iii) preparations for the Third RCFM; (iv) emerging issues policy and recommen-dations for future focus of APFIC's programme of work; and (v) the Executive Committee will also develop the agenda for the Thirty First Session of the Commission to be held in August 2010.

October 2009

The Secretariat organizes and implements the second Regional Consultative workshops on one of the Commissions top two priority emerging issues. The workshop will cover recommendations and policy advice on how to support and improve the livelihoods of small-scale fisheries and aquaculture.

March 2010

APFIC secretariat with the support of Regional Organization partners and member countries will prepare the Third Regional Consultative Forum Meeting (RCFM) in August 2010. The Secretary informs all Members, all regional and subregional organizations and arrangements with relevance to fisheries/aquaculture in the APFIC region of the proposed program for the RCFM and invites their participation and suggestions for the changes to the program.

August 2010

The Third RCFM is held in August 2010, immediately preceding the Thirty-first Session of APFIC. Immediately following the Third RCFM the Commission will hold its biennial Session that will consider the outcome of the workshops and the RCFM and will also consider any additional matters raised by Members and may wish to develop recommendations for COFI and the RCFM.

Information collection and dissemination

The APFIC secretariat contributes to the collection and dissemination of quality data and statistics, particularly those relating to small-scale fisheries and rural aquaculture. The APFIC web site will be used to provide a platform for the dissemination and exchange of information.

APFIC web site

The APFIC secretariat will continue to maintain the APFIC web site. The web site is the principle mechanisms for communicating APFIC information and acts as an archive of the work of the Commission. It is targeted at fishery Professionals in the APFIC member countries and other interested parties about fisheries and aquaculture in Asia-Pacific

APFIC publications

Publications will remain an important media for information dissemination and exchange. The Biennial publication "Status and trends of fisheries and aquaculture in the Asia and the Pacific 2008" will be finalized following the Thirtieth Session. A subsequent issue will be produced prior to the Thirty-first Session for consideration by the Commission. APFIC secretariat will also publish reviews and up-to-date information on the APFIC selected emerging issues as well as other high profile issues in the region.

Collaboration with internationals/regional bodies

Promotion of awareness of APFIC activities and to improve communication and coordination with other RFBs and arrangements is one of the advantages of APFIC's structure and linkage with FAO. The APFIC secretariat will continue to collaborate with other internationals/regional bodies, as appropriate and seek regular contact to share information on emerging issues and opportunities for collaboration.

Monitoring of APFIC's role

The Seventy-second Session of the APFIC Executive Committee will review APFIC's progress in detail and make substantive recommendations on strengthening the role of APFIC for consideration by the 31stAPFIC Session.

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