FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Circular No. 1065  RAP/C1065 - SURVEYS OF THE OFFSHORE FISHERIES RESOURCES 

FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Circular No. 1065  RAP/C1065


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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Karachi 2011


Fanning L.P., M.W. Khan, S. Kidwai and G.J. Macauley. Surveys of the offshore fisheries resources of Pakistan – 2010. FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Circular. No. 1065. Karachi, FAO. 2011. 87 pp.

In October and November 2010, the R/V Dr. Fridtjof Nansen conducted two offshore fisheries resource surveys in Paksitan’s waters. These included sampling by acoustics, pelagic trawling, demersal trawling and collected a suite of concurrent biological and physical oceanography observations.

Preliminary analyses presented in this cruise report include the distribution maps, catch rate estimates and raw abundance information for many stocks of interest to fisheries. Further analysis and comparison with historical data will be provided in later reports. The mesopelagic biomass estimated from these preliminary analyses is substantially lower than in previous surveys and further investigations in this regard are required.

Of interest in the overview of some key oceanographic parameters is the presence of an hypoxic layer in deep waters (offshelf) which has been reported in earlier surveys and oceanographic studies. Some evidence of flood-induced productivity was also detected in the near-shelf waters off Sindh.

Table of Contents

Preparation of this document
List of acronyms and abbreviations

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1 – Introduction

Overview of activities

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2 – Methods

Fish sampling
Acoustic sampling and analysis
Demersal sampling and analysis
Oceanographic sampling
Multibeam bathymetric data collection

3 – Pelagic Survey

Pelagic survey narrative
Survey effort

4 – Demersal Survey

Survey effort

5 – Oceanographic Conditions

6 – Multibeam Bathymetry

7 – References

8 – Annexes

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