Packaging in fresh produce supply chains in Southeast Asia


Packaging in fresh produce supply chains in Southeast Asia

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Packaging is very often critical to the success or failure of horticultural supply chains. Improved packaging can greatly contribute to improving efficiency in supply chain management and can increase returns for producers and retailers while delivering top quality fresh produce to consumers. Bulk packaging of fresh produce in Southeast Asian countries ranges from traditional bamboo baskets and wooden crates to plastic crates and corrugated fibreboard boxes used for export. This publication documents the results of surveys commissioned by FAO in three countries the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam to provide comprehensive, up-to-date reviews on fresh produce packaging in the regions supply chains. Information presented in the publication is based on field surveys, interviews with supply chain stakeholders and experts, and references from available sources. The information and recommendations provided in this publication are intended to stimulate action on measures to sustainably reduce losses and enhance marketability across fresh produce chains in the region through improved packaging practices.

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Chapter 1: Toward improved packaging practices for
    post-harvest loss reduction
Chapter 2: Basic principles of fresh produce packaging
Chapter 3: Packaging in fresh produce supply chains
     in the Philippines
Chapter 4: Packaging in fresh produce supply chains
     in Thailand
Chapter 5: Packaging in fresh produce supply chains
    in Viet Nam

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