The Bangladesh Model and other experiences in Family Poultry Development


The Bangladesh Model and other experiences in Family Poultry Development
International Network for Family Poultry Development (INFPD)
May-July 2002


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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Rome 2013

Table of Contents

Introductory Papers   Download [600Kb]

A conceptual framework for using poultry as a tool in poverty alleviation


Semi-Scavenging Poultry Flock


The semi-scavenging poultryrearing concept as implemented in the Participatory Livestock Development Project (PLDP)


Case Studies – Asian Experience


Semi- Scavenging Poultry Model Production Chain


Village poultry production in Vietnam


Case Studies – African Experience


Family Poultry Development in Mozambique


Développement de l’Aviculture Familiale au Burkina Faso


Case Studies – Latin American Experience


Perspectives of family poultry


Cuban experience in the familiar production in eggs and poultry meat


Additional Papers


Common diseases of smallholder poultry and their control in Bangladesh


Questionnaire to assess training needs in the area of village poultry production


Chicken Production Systems


Role of Small Scale Poultry in Rural Livelihoods Project


Contribution of the Newcastle disease vaccine


Expérience Béninoise en matière d’aviculture villageoise intégrée


A research process and methodology focusing on indigenous Kenyan chickens


Participatory strategic approach to development of improved indigenous poultry systems in East Africa


Production, Management and Marketing Dynamics of the Rural Scavenging Poultry in Uganda


Some issues in family poultry development


Improving Family Poultry Farming in Morocco: Constraints and Possibilities


Commercializing rearing of village chicken in Kenya


Semi scavenging poultry model - the experience in Benin


La vaccination contre la maladie de Newcastle en aviculture villageoise

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Pour bien reussir l’aviculture villageoise – Laprovet


Thermostable vaccine or inactived vaccine: the key to extensive poultry farming problem in Sub-Saharan Africa

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La avicultura de traspatio en zonas campesinas de la provincia de Villa Clara




Discussion on Bangladesh Model


Discussion on Mozambique Model


Discussion on the Cuban Model


Poultry Health and Zoonoses


Inputs for sustainable family poultry production


Outputs of family poultry production


Lessons from the Bangladesh and other poultry development models


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