Report of the thirty-seventh session of the Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia And The Pacific (APHCA)


Report of the thirty-seventh session of the Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia And The Pacific (APHCA)

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Bangkok 2013


This publication reports the proceedings of the thirty-sixth session of the Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific (APHCA) convened from 22 to 26 September 2013 in Thimphu, Bhutan. The session emphasized that 70 percent of the world’s poor livestock keepers and 40 percent of the global livestock population reside in Asia-Pacific. Main themes considered were: smallholder dairy development; infectious diseases of animals and their long-term threat to livestock production; formation of an expert working group on veterinary antimicrobial resistance risk management; formation of an Asia-Pacific animal feed network to establish a common approach for feed resource assessment across interested countries; the need to strengthen national capacity of livestock sector policy formulation, among others. Country reports, key developments of concern to the Commission and main recommendations are included in the report.

Table of Contents

Minutes of the 74th executive committee meeting and the
    37th session of APHCA

    The 74th executive committee meeting
    The 37th APHCA session
Timetable and agenda (APHCA 2013/01)
    Provisional agenda
    Provisional workshop programme
Dates and venues (host countries) of APHCA sessions
    (APHCA 2013/02)

Minutes of the 73rd executive committee meeting and the 36th
    APHCA session (APHCA 2013/03)

    The 73rd executive committee meeting
    The 36th APHCA session
Summary statement of APHCA account (APHCA 2013/04)
    Cash balance as of 1 January 2013
    Expenditures in 2012
    Status of contributions
    Approved budget for 2013 and expenditures to 31.08.2013
    Scale of contributions for 2013
Activity report (APHCA 2013/05)
    Personnel (RAP Livestock Group)
    Field projects supported by RAP Livestock Group
    Meetings, workshops and events (co-)organized
    Congresses, symposia, meetings and workshops attended
    Commissioned studies
    Publications (hard copy)
    Smallholder dairy development activities
    Animal and veterinary public health activities
    AMU and AMR in the Asia-Pacific region
    National feed assessments
    Support to the agenda of action for sustainable livestock sector
    APHCA Information Unit
    Livestock sector policy capacity
    Work Planned up to end 2013
Decision Items and proposed budget for 2014 (APHCA 2012/06)
    Scale of contributions
    Membership of Secretariat of Pacific Countries (SPC)
    Proposed APHCA Trust Fund budget for 2014
List of participants (APHCA 2013/07)

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Country Reports
    Lao PDR
    Papua New Guinea
    Sri Lanka
    Welcome by Offg. Director, Department of Livestock
    Welcome address by FAO
    Opening address by the Guest of Honour
    Vote of thanks
    Closing remarks

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