Unasylva - No. 154 - Agroforestry - pathways

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Table of Contents

Editorial: Forestry and the needs of rural people

J.B. Raintree
Agroforestry pathways: Land tenure, shifting cultivation and sustainable agriculture

René G. Fontaine
Management of humid tropical forests

Marc J. Dourojeanni
How good is forestry education today?

Janet Persson
Trees, plants and a rural community in the southern Sudan

Vasilios P. Papanastasis
Integrating goats into Mediterranean forests

COFO considers FAO's Tropical Forestry Action Plan

The world of forestry

Reforesting marginal lands in northern China
An FAO agroforestry project in the Haut Atlas mountains
Stabilizing shifting cultivators in Thailand
New Hungarian forestry museum
Planning a paper industry in French Guiana
A multilingual dictionary on forest fires


Mangroves: A fragile ecosystem
What is meant by managing gene resources
Agricultural publications catalogue
Fire and forests in the Mediterranean
Reforestation with maritime pine
History repeats itself - again
Agroforestry down under
Trees in the Australian forest
All about trees


A need for higher oil prices

To the editor

Climatic data aid tree selection
Vegetative propagation research

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