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Recommendations to the Twenty-fourth Session of the Committee on Fisheries



· Convene fisheries expertise from member States with a balanced regional representation and preferably from fishing nations in order to continue the process of analysis and refinement of the CITES criteria, definitions and guidelines.

· Encourage the use of national competence in fisheries in the elaboration of proposals for listing in CITES of resources exploited by fisheries in marine and large freshwater bodies.

· Request that the FAO Secretariat establish effective mechanisms to contribute to the elaboration and review of the CITES criteria and implementation of Article 15 of the CITES Convention regarding consultation with FAO, member States and regional fishery management organizations (RFMOs) in evaluating proposals for listing against the prevailing criteria.

· Call on the Fisheries Department of FAO to play a facilitating role in improved dialogue and communications among member States, RFMOs and CITES. FAO may put the issue on the Agenda of the next meeting of RFMOs and FAO to be held before the next Session of COFI, and invite CITES to attend the meeting.

· Express concern about de-listing procedures. Fisheries management and aquaculture development are active processes and risks to resources may change due to environmental shifts, improvement of management schemes or restocking programmes. There is therefore a need for a sufficiently responsive objective and flexible mechanism for listing and de-listing.

· Establish in FAO a working group of appropriate technical experts, including member States and regional bodies, to consider problems and potential solutions in relation to listing fishery resources under Article II, particularly those listed on the basis of paragraph 2(b) [the "look-alike" provision].

· The language of Annex 4 of CITES Resolution 9.24 on the precautionary measures be revised to reflect advances in understanding of the implementation of the precautionary approach in conservation, particularly of resources exploited by fisheries in marine and large freshwater bodies, as well as its advances in fisheries1.

1 One delegation did not believe that it would be constructive to re-open Annex 4 for discussion at the present time.

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