PC 87/1



Rome, 6 - 10 May 2002



1. Adoption of the Agenda and Timetable

(Docs.: PC 87/1; PC 87/INF/1)

2. Election of Vice-Chairperson for 2002

3. Review of Programmes:

Major Programme 2.2 - Food and Agriculture Policy and Development
Major Programme 2.4 - Forestry

4. Programme Evaluation

a) The External Evaluation of the Special Programme for Food Security
(Doc.: PC 87/4a)

b) Evaluation of the Animal Health Component of Programme 2.1.3
(Doc.: PC 87/4b)

c) Evaluation of EMPRES Programme (Desert Locust Component)
(Doc.: PC 87/4c)

d) FAO's Training Activities - A Progress Report on Implementation of Recommendations of the Thematic Review (PC 86/3a)
(Doc.: PC 87/4d)

5. The Modernisation of FAOSTAT - An Update

(Doc.: PC 87/5)

6. A Progress Report on the Development of Indicators

(Doc.: PC 87/6)

7. Feasibility of developing preliminary information on Programme of Work proposals to the Committees on Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

(Doc.: PC 87/7)

8. Report on Important Programme Developments

(Doc.: PC 87/8)

9. UN Joint Inspection Unit Reports

10. Progress Report on the Follow-up to Past Programme Committee Recommendations

(Doc.: PC 87/10)

11. Review of the Working Methods of the Programme Committee

(No Document)

12. Possible Items for discussion at the next session

(No Document)

13. Any Other Business

14. Date and Place of the Eighty-eighth Session