FC 99/1-Add.1

Finance Committee

Ninety-ninth Session

Rome, 6 - 10 May 2002

Provisional Annotated Agenda


1. Adoption of Agenda and Timetable (docs. FC 99/1, FC 99/1 Add.1 and FC 99/INF/1)

 for decision

In accordance with the internal working procedures, the Provisional Timetable provides for discussion at the beginning of the meeting of those items on which the Committee is required to make decisions or recommendations to the Council.


2. Programme and Budgetary Transfers in the 2000-2001 Biennium and Annual Report on Budgetary Performance to Member Nations (doc. FC 99/2)

 for discussion

The Committee will receive a report for information on the budgetary transfers made in accordance with the approval already given by it under General Rule XXVII 7(d) at its September 2001 Session (see CL 121/4 para 17). In addition, in accordance with Financial Regulation 4.6(b) the Committee will receive, for its review, the Report of Budgetary Performance for 2001. Any comments the Committee may wish to make will be submitted to the Council at its forthcoming session. The Annual Report will be appended to the Report of the Committee.


3. Financial Highlights (doc. FC 99/3)

 for discussion

The Financial Highlights Report is designed to show, at a summary level, the financial situation of the Organization. In terms of the structure of the report, there are three groupings of data: income and expenditure by source of funds, the plan (budget) for particular sources of funds and balances for the comparative period in the previous biennium.

4. Collection of Current Assessments and Arrears (doc. FC 99/4) 

for discussion

This document presents the status of member nation contributions to the Regular Programme as at 31 March 2002.

5. Financial Outturn of the 2000-2001 Biennium (doc. FC 99/5)  

for discussion

The Committee will receive a report on the Outturn of the 2001-2002 Biennium. This report will contain information on income and expenditure and the movements in the General and Related Funds, Working Capital Fund and Special Reserve Account.

6. Report on Investments 2001 (doc. FC 99/6)

 for information

In accordance with Financial Regulation 9.2 and General Rule XXVII 7(i), the Committee will receive for its information a report on investments currently held in respect of the various funds of the Organization.

7. Progress Report on the Implementation of External Auditor's Recommendations (doc FC 99/7)  

for discussion

As requested by the Committee, a report will be provided on actions taken in respect of recommendations made by the External Auditor in his report on the 2000-2001 accounts, as well as on a number of recommendations brought forward from previous biennia.

8. External Audit Programme (no document)

 for discussion

At its last session the Committee recalled that a new External Auditor would be taking up those functions in 2002. It was agreed that it would be useful to have a preliminary discussion of the programme for external audit at this session.

9. External Audit Reports on the Emergency Farm Reconstruction Project in Kosovo for 2000 (doc. FC 99/9)  

for discussion

This project financed through the World Bank (WB) was executed by FAO on behalf of the United Nations Interim Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK). This audit was requested by the Finance Committee in May 2000 (94th Session) on the basis of Financial Regulation 12.6.


10. Progress Report on Human Resources Management Issues (doc. FC 99/10)

 for discussion

In response to its request at the 97th session, the Committee will be provided with a progress report on human resources management issues, including projected timelines and performance indicators.

11. Annual Reports of the ICSC and UN Joint Staff Pension Board to the General Assembly, and Summary of the Decisions Taken (doc. FC 99/11)  

for information

In accordance with standard practice, the Committee will be informed of any developments which took place at the General Assembly and the Pension Board which are of interest to this Organization.

12. Changes in Salary Scales and Allowances (doc. FC 99/12)  

for information

The Committee will be informed of those changes in salaries and allowances that have taken place since the last Session.


13. Progress Report on the Oracle Project (doc. FC 99/13)  

for information

In response to its request for regular progress reports, the Committee will be provided with updated information on the status of the Oracle Project.

14. 2001 Annual Activity Report of the Office of the Inspector-General (doc. FC 99/14)

for information

In accordance with the practice established at the 87th Session, this report will be provided to the members of the Finance Committee for their information.

15. UN Joint Inspection Unit Reports

for information

  • Strengthening the Investigations Function in United Nations System Organizations (JIU/REP/2000/9) (doc. CL 123/INF/10);
  • United Nations System Support for Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean (JIU/REP/2001/2) (doc. CL 123/INF/11)

These documents will be provided to the Committee for information and any comments it may wish to make to the Council.


16. Report of the Executive Director on Contributions under Paragraph (e) and Reductions or Waivers under paragraph (f) of General Rule XIII.4 (doc. FC 99/16)

for information

A document containing information on (i) the use by WFP of unrestricted resources to purchase commodities; (ii) contributions of commodities or services only from governments of developing countries, countries with economies in transition and other non-traditional donors, and (iii) indirect support cost waivers will be provided to the Finance Committee

17. Preliminary Review of the ISC Rates (doc. FC 99/17)

for information

A document providing a preliminary report on the analysis of indirect support costs for 2000-2001 will be provided to the Finance Committee.


18. Working Methods of the Finance Committee (no document)

 for discussion

In accordance with the standard practice of the Committee, members will be given an opportunity to comment on the functioning of the session and to make suggestions for future improvements.

19. Date and Place of the Hundredth Session

 for information

The Committee will be informed of arrangements for its next session.

20. Any Other Matters