NICOSIA, CYPRUS, 29-31 May 2002


Agenda Item
Wednesday, 29 May

08.00 hours to
10.00 hours - Registration

10.00 hours - Opening Ceremony 1

- Election of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairpersons and
Appointment of Rapporteur: for decision 2

- Adoption of Agenda and Timetable: for decision
(ERC/02/1-Rev.1 and ERC/02/INF/2-Rev.1) 3

- Statement by the Director-General (ERC/02/INF/4) 4

- World Food Summit Follow-up: for discussion
(ERC/02/3 and ERC/02/3-Sup.1) 5

14.30 hours Ministerial Round Table
Sustainable management of land and water resources:
combating desertification and prevention of land
degradation (outcome of the discussion held at the
32nd Session of the ECA): for discussion and decision
(ERC/02/5, ECA/32/02/2-Rev.1 and ECA/32/02/2-Sup.1) 7
Thursday, 30 May Ministerial Round Table
09.30 hours Food Safety and Quality (Outcome of the Pan-European
Conference on Food Safety and Quality, Budapest,
25-28 February 2002): for discussion and decision (ERC/02/4, ERC/02/4-Sup.1 and PEC/REP) 6

Thursday, 30 May (cont'd)

14.30 hours - Review of the State of Food and Agriculture
in the Region : for discussion and/or information (ERC/02/6) 8

- Report on FAO Activities in the Region, 2000-01:
for discussion (ERC/02/2, ERC/02/INF/6 and
ECA 32/02/4-Rev.1) 9

- International Year of Mountains: 2002 10
for information (ERC/02/INF/5)

Friday, 31 May

Morning Study Tour (related to the International Year of Mountains: 2002)

16.30 hours - Date, Place and Main Theme(s) of the Twenty-fourth
FAO Regional Conference for Europe : for decision 11

- Any other business 12

- Adoption of the Report 13

- Closure of the Conference 14