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1. Animal breeding: selected articles from the World Animal Review 1977 (C E F S)
2. Eradication of hog cholera and African swine fever, 1976 (E F S)
3. Insecticides and application equipment for tsetse control, 1977 (E F)
4. New feed resources, 1977 (E/F/S)
5. Bibliography of the criollo cattle of the Americas, 1977 (E/S)
6. Mediterranean cattle and sheep in crossbreeding, 1977 (E F)
7. The environmental impact of tsetse control operations, 1977 (E F)
7 Rev. 1. The environmental impact of tsetse control operations, 1980 (E F)
8. Declining breads of Mediterranean sheep, 1978 (E F)
9. Slaughterhouse and slaughterslab design and construction, 1978 (E F S)
10. Treating straw for animal feeding, 1978 (C E F S)
11. Packaging, storage and distribution of processed milk, 1978 (E)
12. Ruminant nutrition: selected articles from the World Animal Review, 1978 (C E F S)
13. Buffalo reproduction and artificial insemination, 1979 (E*)
14. The African trypanosomiases. 1979 (E F)
15. Establishment of dairy training centres, 1979 (E)
16. Open yard housing for young cattle, 1981 (Ar E F S)
17. Prolific tropical sheep, 1980 (E F S)
18. Feed from animal wastes: state of knowledge, 1980 (C E)
19. East Coast fever and related tick-borne diseases, 1980 (E )
20/1. Trypanottolerant livestock in West and Central Africa - Vol. 1. General study, 1980 (E F)
20/2. Trypanotolerant livestock in West and Central Africa - Vol. 2. Country studies, 1980 (E F)
20/3. Lé botuil trypenotolérant en Afrique occidentals et centrals - Vol. 3. Bilan d'une déconnie, 1988 (F)
21. Guideline for dairy accounting, 1980 (E)
22. Recursos genéticos animates on America Latina, 1981 (S)
23. Disease control in semen end embryos, 1981 (C E F S)
24. Animal genetic resources - conservation and management, 1981 (C E)
25. Reproductive efficiency in cattle, 1982 (C E F S)
26. Camels and camel milk, 1982 (E)
27. Deer farming, 1982 (E)
28. Feed from animal wastes: feeding manual, 1932 (C E)
29. Echinococcosis/hydatidosis surveillance, prevention and control: FAO/UNEP/WHO guidelines, 1982 (E)
30. Sheep and goat breeds of India, 1982 (E)
31. Hormones in animal production, 1982 (E)
32. Crop residues and agro-industrial by products in animal feeding, 1982 (E/F)
33. Haemorrhagic septicaemia, 1982 (E F)
34. Breeding plans for ruminant livestock in the tropics, 1982 (E F S)
35. Off-tastes in raw and reconstituted milk, 1983 (Ar E F S)
36. Ticks and tick-borne diseases: selected articles from the World Animal Review, 1983 (E F S)
37. African animal trypanosomiasis: selected articles from the World Animal Review, 1983 (E F)
38. Diagnosis and vaccination for the control of brucellosis in the Near East, 1982 (Ar E)
39. Solar energy in small-scale milk collection and processing, 1983 (E F)
40. Intensive sheep production in the Near East, 1983 (Ar E)
41. Integrating crops and livestock in West Africa, 1983 (E F)
42. Animal energy in agriculture in Africa and Asia, 1984 (E/F S)
43. Olive by-products for animal feed, 1985 (Ar E F S)
44/1. Animal genetic resources conservation by management, data banks and training, 1984 (E)
44/2. Animal genetic resources: cryogenic storage of germplasm and molecular engineering, 1984 (E)
45. Maintenance systems for the dairy plant, 1984 (E)
46. Livestock breeds of China, 1984 (E F S)
47. Réfrigération du fait à la ferme et organisation des transports, 1985 (F)
48. La fromagerie et les variétés de fromages du bassin méditerranéen, 1985 (F)
49. Manual for the slaughter of small ruminants in developing countries, 1985 (E)
50. Better utilization of crop residues end by-products in animal feeding: research guidelines - 1. State of knowledge, 1985 (E)
50/2. Better utilization of crop residues and by-products in animal feeding: research guidelines - 2. A practical manual for research workers, 1986 (E)
51. Dried salted meats: charque and carne-de-sol, 1985 (E)
52. Small-scale sausage production, 1985 (E)
53. Slaughterhouse cleaning and sanitation, 1965 (E)
54. Small ruminants in the Near East - Vol. 1. Selected papers presented for the Export Consultation on Small Ruminant Research and Development in the Near East (Tunis, 1885), 1987 (E)
55. Small ruminants in the Near East - Vol. 11. Selected articles from World Animal Raviow 1972-1988, 1987 (Ar E)
56. Sheep and goofs in Pakistan, 1 985 (E)
57. The Awassi sheep with special reference to the improved dairy type, 1985 (E)
58. Smell ruminant production in the developing countries, 1986 (E)
59/1. Animal genetic resources data banks - 1. Computer systems study for regional data banks, 1986 (E)
59/2. Animal genetic resources data banks - 2. Descriptor lists for cattle, buffalo, pigs, sheep and
goats, 1986 (E F S)
59/3. Animal genetic resources data banks - 3. Descriptor lists for poultry, 1986 (E F S)
60. Sheep and goats in Turkey, 1986 (E)
61. The Przawalski horse and restoration to its natural habitat in Mongolia, 1986 (E)
62. Milk and dairy products: production and processing costs, 1988 (E F S)
63. Proceedings of the FAO expert consultation on the substitution of imported concentrate feeds in animal production systems in developing countries, 1987 (C E)
64. Poultry management and diseases in the Near East, 1987 (Ar)
65. Animal genetic resources of the USSR, 1989 (E)
66. Animal genetic resources - strategies for improved use and conservation, 1987 (E)
67/1. Trypanotolerant cattle and livestock development in West and Control Africa - Vol. 1, 1987 (E)
67/2. Trvpunotolerant cattle and livestock development in West and Central Africa - Vol ll, 1987 (E)
68. Crossbreeding Eros indices and Eros taurus for milk production in the tropics, 1987 (E)
69. Village milk processing, 1988 (E F S)
70. Sheep and gout most production in the humid tropics of West Africa, 1989 (EIF)
71. The development of village-based sheep production in West Africa, 1988 (Ar E F S)
(Published us Training manual for extension workers, M/S5840E)
72. Sugarcane as food, 1988 (EIS)
73. Standard design for small-scale modular slaughterhouses, 1988 (E)
74. Small ruminants in the Near East - Vol. lII North Africa, 1989 (E)
75. The eradication of ticks, t989 (EIS)
76. Ex situ cryoconservation of genomes and genes of endangered cattle breeds by mesas of modern biotechnological methods, 1989 (E)
77. Training manual for embryo transfer in cattle, 1991 (E)
78. Milking, milk production hygiene and udder health, 1989 (E)
79. Manual of simple methods of meet preservation, 1990 (E)
80. Animal genetic resources - a global programme for sustainable development, 1990 (E)
81. Veterinary diagnostic bacteriology - a manual of laboratory procedures of selected diseases of
livestock, 1990 (E F)
82. Reproduction in camels - e review, 1990 (E)
83. Training manual on artificial insemination in sheep and goats,1991 (E)
84. Training manual for embryo transfer in water buffaloes, 1991 (E)
85. The technology of traditional milk products in developing countries, 1990 (E)
86. Feeding dairy cows in the tropics, 1991 (E)
87. Manual for the production of anthrax end blackleg vaccines, 1991 (E F)
88. Small ruminant production and the smell ruminant genetic resource in tropical Africa, 1991 (E)
89. Manual for the production of Marek's disease, Gumboro disease and inactivated Newcastle disease vaccines, 1997 (E F)
90. Application of biotechnology to nutrition of animals in developing countries, 1991 (E F)
91. Guidelines for slaughtering, most cutting and further processing, 1991 (E)
92. Manual on mast cold store operation and management, 1991 (E S)
93. Utilization of reneweble energy sources and energy-saving technologies by small-scale milk
plants and collection control, 1 992 (E)
94. Proceedings of the FAO expert consultation on the genetic aspects of trypanotolerance, 1992 (E)
95. Roots, tubers, plantains and bananas in animal feeding, 1992 (E)
96. Distribution and impact of helminth diseases of livestock in developing countries, 1992 (E)
97. Construction and operation of medium-sized abattoirs in developing countries, 1992 (E)
98. Small-scale poultry processing, 1992 (E)
99. In situ conservation of livestock and poultry, 1992 (E)
100. Programme for the control of African animal trypunosomiasis and refuted development, 1992 (E)
101. Genetic improvement of hair sheep in the tropics, 1992 (E)
102. Legume trees and other fodder trees ss protein sources for livestock, 1992 (E)
103. Improving sheep reproduction in the Near East, 1992 (Ar)
104. The management of global animal genetic resources, 1992 (E)
105. Sustainable livestock production in the mountain agro-ecosystem of Nepal, 1992 (E)
106. Sustainable animal production from small farm systems in South-East Asia, 1993 (E)
107. Strategies for sustainabe animal agriculture in developing countries, 1993 (E)
108. Evaluation of breeds and crosses of domestic animals, 1993 (E)
109. Bovine spongiform encephalopathv, 1993 (E)

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