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This book is the product of collective work of all the technical units of FAO as well as of persons from outside FAO. It was prepared by a team led by N. Alexandratos under the general direction of H.W. Hjort, Deputy DirectorGeneral of FAO. J. Bruinsma was the most senior member of the core team, after the team leader. A Gürkan, D. Brooks and J. Schmidhuber were in the core team, each for about one-half of the period of the preparation of the study and subsequent revisions. M.G. Ottaviani was responsible for data preparation and processing.

The following persons from FAO coordinated the contributions of the different technical units and wrote the relevant chapters or contributed to their writing in various degrees: T. Aldington with P. Turnbull for the contributions of the specialists on the agronomic and natural resources aspects of crop and livestock production for Chapter 4 and, to a smaller extent, Chapters 11 to 13; Ph. Wardle (Chapter 5); B. Dada (Chapter 6); K. Stamoulis (main author of Chapter 7); J. (Greenfield with M. de Nigris (coordinated contributions of the commodity and trade specialists for the projections, provided much of the material for, and contributed in drafting Chapter 83; J. Dey (Chapter 9); and T. Contado (Chapter 10). The Food Policy and Nutrition Division contributed to the nutritional evaluation of the food demand projections and, together with the Statistics Division (L. Naiken), provided the estimates of chronic undernutrition, drawing on earlier work for the International Conference on Nutrition of 1992. Many other persons from all technical units of FAO made various contributions to the study.

The Editor wrote Chapters I to 3, supervised the preparation of and edited all chapters and wrote or rewrote parts of several chapters. J. Bruinsma contributed to the preparation of nearly all chapters and wholly rewrote Chapter 4 in the revisions. J. Schmidhuber researched selected topics for the revisions, in particular for Chapter 8.

Chapters 11 to 13 were written in their essential by David Norse (ODI). Other persons from outside FAO who wrote or contributed substantially to writing chapters included R. Gaiha and T. Young (Chapter 9) and F. Christy (Chapter 6). S. Johnson, W. Meyers and K. Frohberg cooperated in the projections for the developed countries. G. Fischer (International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis - Vienna) and H. Van Velthuizen, in association with R. Brinkman (FAO), produced the revised evaluation of the crop production potential of land resources of the developing countries and generated the maps for Chapter 4. Clerical assistance was provided by I. Reyes. M. Brand-Roberti and P. Mascianà were responsible for secretarial work and manuscript preparation.

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