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1. Countries and commodities classification

List of the developing countries of the study

Africa, sub-Sahara Latin America and Caribbean Near East/North Africa Asia
South Asia Argentina Afghanistan South Asia
  * Bolivia Algeria  
* Angola * Brazil Egypt * Bangladesh
* Benin Chile Iran * India
* Botswana * Colombia Iraq * Nepal
* Burundi * Costa Rica Jordan * Pakistan
* Cameroon * Cuba Lebanon * Sri Lanka
* Central Afr. Rep. * Dominican Rep. Libya  
* Chad * Ecuador Morocco  
* Congo * El Salvador Saudi Arabia East Asia
* Cote d'Ivoire * Guatemala Syria  
* Ethiopia (PDRt) F Guyana Tunisia * Cambodia
Gabon F Haiti Turkey China
* Ghana * Honduras Yemen * Indonesia
* Guinea * Jamaica   Korea, DPR
* Kenya * Mexico   Korea, Rep.
Lesotho * Nicaragua   * Laos
* Liberia * Panama   * Malaysia
* Madagascar F Paraguay   * Myanmar
* Malawi * Peru   * Philippines
F Mali * Suriname   * Thailand
F Mauritania * Trinidad and Tobago   * Vietnam
* Mozambique Uruguay    
* Namibia Venezuela    
* Niger      
* Nigeria      
* Rwanda      
* Senegal      
* Sierra Leone      
F Somalia      
* Sudan      
* Tanzania      
* Togo      
* Uganda      
* Zaire      
* Zambia      
* Zimbabwe.      

List of the developed countries of the study

EC Other Western Europe Eastern Europe and the former USSR
Belgium Austria Albania
Denmark Finland Bulgaria
France Iceland Former Czechoslovakia
Germany Malta Hungary
Greece Norway Poland
Ireland Sweden Romania
Italy Switzerland Former USSR
Luxembourg Yugoslav SFR*  
Portugal   Other Developed Countries
Spain Oceania  
United Kingdom Israel  
Australia Japan  
New Zealand South Africa  
North America    
United States    

*Former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

List of commodities of the study

Crops Crops Livestock
Wheat Bananas Beef, veal and buffalo meat
Rice, paddy Citrus fruit Mutton, lamb and goat meat
Maize Other fruit
Barley Vegetable oil and oilseeds (vegetable oil equivalent)** Pig meat
Millet Poultry meat
Sorghum Cocoa beans Milk and dairy products (whole milk equivalent)
Other cereals Coffee
Potatoes Tea Eggs
Sweet potatoes and yams Tobacco  
Cassava Cotton lint  
Other roots Jute and hard fibres  
Plantains Rubber  
Sugar, raw*    

* Sugar production in the developing countries (excl. China) analysed separately for sugarcane and sugar beet.
** Vegetable oil production in the developing countries (excl. China) analysed separately for soybeans, groundnuts, sesame seed, coconuts, sunflower seed, palm oil/palm-kernel oil, all other oilseeds.

Note on commodities

All commodity data and projections in this report are expressed in terms of primary product equivalent unless stated otherwise. Historical commodity balances (supply utilization accounts-SUAs) are available for about 160 primary and 160 processed crop and livestock commodities. To reduce this amount of information to manageable proportions, all the SUA data were converted to the commodity specification given in the list of commodities, applying appropriate conversion factors (and ignoring joint products to avoid double counting, e.g. wheat flour is converted back into wheat while wheat bran is ignored). In this way, one supply utilization account in homogeneous units is derived for each of the commodities of the study. Meat production refers to indigenous meat production, i.e. production from slaughtered animals plus the meat equivalent of live animal exports minus the meat equivalent of all live animal imports. Cereals demand and trade data include the grain equivalent of beer consumption and trade.

The commodities for which SUAs were constructed are the 26 crops and the 6 livestock products given in the list above. The production analysis for the developing countries (excl. China, see Chapter 4) was, however, carried out for 33 crops because sugar and vegetable oils are analysed separately (for production analysis only) for the 9 crops shown in the footnote to the list.

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