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The existing series of publications of FAO's Land and Water Development Division are basically sectorial : Fertilizer and Plant Nutrition Bulletins, Irrigation and Drainage Papers, Water Reports, Soils Bulletins, World Soil Resources Reports and Miscellaneous Papers. Their functions continue. However, the Division is consciously moving towards a more integrated and holistic approach to the assessment, development and conservation of natural resources in general, and the physical ones in particular: climatic conditions, freshwater resources, soil and terrain conditions, and plant nutrient conditions and supplies - all in a landscape-ecological context and with multipurpose land-use planning and management as a key output.

Consequently, the need was felt to start a new series dealing with subjects in the soil, water and plant nutrient sphere that are of an integrative nature. It was decided to call this series Land and Water Bulletins.

Wim Sombroek
Land and Water Development Division

Rome, March 1995

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