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This publication contains the report of the Informal Workshop on Land-Water Integration and River Basin Management and the papers presented and discussed at the Workshop. The papers have been edited and condensed, where necessary, to keep within the limits specified for the publication.

The Workshop was co-sponsored by the National Resources Management Institute, Department of Systems Ecology, University of Stockholm, Sweden. The participation of experts from Sweden is greatly appreciated for their technical contributions to the meeting, which ensured a series of valuable discussions and follow-up activities.

Thanks are due to the staff of the various departments of FAO who participated in the Workshop, and particularly those who presented papers and participated in the deliberations of the Working Groups. Special mention is due to the Land and Water Development Division team that organized and ran the Workshop: Ms J.A. Thomas, Ms. E Mahabir-Fabbri and the coordinators Messrs D.W. Sanders and A. Kandiah.

The Workshop report and technical papers were edited by Mr T.H. Mather.

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