This global study was undertaken by the Natural Resources Institute (NRI)*, the scientific arm of the United Kingdom's Overseas Development Administration (ODA). Funding for the study and for the publication of the report was met by ODA's Forestry Research Programme.

* Natural Resources Institute, Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime, Kent ME4 4TB, United Kingdom.

The information and analyses presented in this report are based on the authors' research and first-hand knowledge of gum naval stores production in a number of producing countries.

A complementary study carried out by NRI, which provided some inputs for the present one and which was financed by the ODA Forestry Research Programme with support from FAO, has involved an assessment of the prospects for development of new gum naval stores industries in Central and Southern Africa. Single copies of the Africa report are available from the FAO Regional Office for Africa (PO Box 1628, Accra, Ghana).