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Appendix 4


Appendix 4.1 Socio-Economic Benefits

Theme Paper

4.1.1Socio-Economic Benefits and Issues in Non-Wood Forest
Products Use (J.E.M. Arnold)

Satellite Papers

4.1.2Non-Wood Forest Products and Nutrition
(Food and Nutrition Division, AO)

4.1.3Making Non-Wood Forest Products Programmes Succeed:
Lessons from Small-Scale Forest-Based Enterprises (M.E. Chipeta)

4.1.4Non-Wood Forest Products and Integrated Mountain Development:
Observations from Nepal (Pitamber Sharma)

Appendix 4.2 Processing and Marketing

Theme Papers

4.2.1Processing, Refinement and Value Addition of Non-Wood
Forest Products (T. De Silva and C.K. Atal)

4.2.2Trade and Marketing of Non-Wood Forest Products (L. Lintu)

Satellite Papers

4.2.3Markets and the Public/Private Sector Interface:
Their Importance in the Successful Development of Non-Wood
Forest Products
(J.J.W. Coppen, C.L. Green, A. Gordon and G.A. Hone)

4.2.4 Some Marketing Problems Faced by Agroforestry Farmers in Asia
(I. Pswarayi-Riddihough and N. Jones)

4.2.5An Overview of Harvesting, Forest Processing and Transport
of Non-Wood Forest Products (J.W. Clay)

Appendix 4.3 Resource Management and Environment

Theme Papers

4.3.1Resource Development for Non-Wood Forest Products
(Mauro S. Reis)

4.3.2Environmental Dimensions of Non-Wood Forest Products
(Herman Haeruman Js.)

Satellite Papers

4.3.3Development of Non-Wood Forest Products Through Agroforestry:
Issues and Strategies (P.K.R. Nair and F.D. Merry)

4.3.4 Information Requirements and Planning Principles for Managing
Non-Wood Forest Resources in Mangrove Forests (P. Vantomme)

Appendix 4.4 Institutional Considerations

Theme Papers

4.4.1 Non-Wood Forest Products: The Institutional Aspects
(El-Hadji M. Sène)

4.4.2Terminology, Definition and Classification of Forest Products
other than Wood (C. Chandrasekharan)

Satellite Papers

4.4.3Status of Research on Non-Wood Forest Products:
The Asia Pacific Situation (C.T.S. Nair)

4.4.4 Statistical Information on Non-Wood Forest Products
(F. Padovani)

4.4.5 Non-Wood Forest Product Research at CSIRO Division of
Forestry (J.C. Doran)

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