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Appendix 5


In addition to the seven theme papers and 11 satellite papers included in the proceedings, the following documents were distributed at the Consultation.

General Reading

The major significance of "minor" forest products: the local use and value of forests in the West African humid forest zone (Julia Falconer, Community Forestry Note 6, FAO, 1990).

Non-wood forest products: the way ahead (Forestry Paper 97, FAO, 1991).

More than wood: special options on multiple use of forests (FAO Forestry Topics Report, 1994).

Development of non-wood forest products in Latin America and the Caribbean (Voluntary paper for the Consultation prepared by C. Chandrasekharan and T. Frisk).

Non-wood forest products in Asia (eds: Durst, Ulrich and Kashio). RAPA publication No. 28, FAO, Bangkok, 1994.

Non-wood forest products: proceedings of a Regional Expert Consultation for English-Speaking African Countries held in Arusha, Tanzania, 17-22 October 1993 (CSC London and FAO Rome).

Memoria: Consulta de expertos sobre productos forestales no madereros para América Latina y el Caribe, Santiago, Chile, 4 al 8 de julio de 1994. Serie forestal No. 1, FAO Santiago.

Socio-Economic Benefits

Case studies of forest-based small-scale enterprises in Asia: rattan, matchmaking and handicrafts (ed. J. Campbell, Community Forestry Case Study No. 4, Bangkok, FAO-RAPA, 1991).

Assessing multiple values of forests (J.E.M. Arnold in Network Paper 13e, ODI/RDFN, 1992, pp 13-18).

Household food security and forestry: an analysis of socio-economic issues (Community Forestry Note 1, FAO, 1991).

The socio-economic role of non-wood forest products in a logging concession in East Kalimantan, Indonesia: a research concept (Voluntary paper for the Consultation prepared by Carol Grossmann).

Summary report of FAO regional expert consultation on NWFPs in Asia-Pacific, held in Bangkok, 28 November - 2 December 1994: social, economic and cultural dimensions (Voluntary paper for the Consultation prepared by Patrick Durst).

Processing and Marketing

Market-related constraints to non-timber forest product development in Central America: experiences from the CATIE/Olafo Project (Voluntary paper for the Consultation prepared by Justine Ken and Luis Bianco).

Non-wood forest products in Nepal (Voluntary paper for the Consultation prepared by Bijay Kumar Singh).

Modern medicines from primitive forests. Paper presented at the Global Forest Conference, Bandung, Indonesia, February 1993, by James A. Duke.

Eucalyptus oils: a review of production and markets (J.J.W. Coppen and A. Hone, NRI Bulletin No. 56, 1992).

Marketing of Brazil nuts: a case study (FAO, Rome, 1992).

Chemical processing and utilisation of Acacia catechu (RAPA publication No. 19, FAO, Bangkok, 1992).

International trade in non-wood forest products (FO:MISC/93/11, FAO, Rome 1993).

Design options for a polyvalent pilot plant unit for the distillation and extraction of medicinal and aromatic plants (UNIDO, 1991).

Jatropha curcas: a multipurpose species for problematic sites (World Bank, 1992).

Draft NTFP manual (Prepared for circulation to the participants by Appropriate Technology International).

Summary report of the Workshop on non-timber tree products market research held in Annapolis, USA, 12-14 December 1994 (Voluntary paper for the Consultation prepared by Ruiz-Perez, CIFOR).

The present situation of non-timber forest products in Costa Rica. CATIE Working Paper No. 7/1994 (Rafael Ocampo).

Resource Management and Environment

Domestication of high-value trees for agroforestry: an alternative to slash and burn agriculture (R.F. Leakey and J.A. Maghembe, ICRAF Position Paper, 1994).

The development potential of selected Amazonian non-wood forest products: an appraisal of opportunities and constraints. Presented at the Expert Consultation on Non-Wood Forest Products for Latin America and the Caribbean, Santiago, Chile, 4-8 July 1994 (J.J.W. Coppen, A. Gordon and C.L. Green).

Sustainable Use of Non-wood Forest Resources in the Province of Peten, Guatemala, as a Strategy for Conservation and Development (Voluntary paper for the Consultation provided by Palacios Mendez).

African medicinal plants (People and Plants Working Paper 1, WWF/Unesco, 1993).

Non-wood forest products of Papua New Guinea (FORSPA, 1994).

Non-wood forest products of Himachal Pradesh, India (FORSPA, 1994).

Sustainable utilization of medicinal plant and animal diversity in Indonesian Tropical forests (Ervizal A.M. Zuhud, Indonesian Tropical Forest Institute, 1994).

Institutional Considerations

Tree and Land Tenure in the Eastern Terai, Nepal (FAO Community Forestry case study series No. 9, 1993).

NTFPs: 3 Views from Africa. ODI Rural Development Forestry Network. Network Paper 15c, Summer 1993.

Non-wood forest products in forestry education. Paper presented at the 17th session of the FAO Advisory Committee on Forestry Education, Bangkok, Thailand, December 1993 (C. Chandrasekharan).

Study on beedi leaf collection and utilization in India (FORSPA, 1994).

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